Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dystopian or Utopian!...Roundup

We live in uncertain times. That was the opening line when I wrote last month's challenge. Then I went on with some weak examples supporting my reasons for doing a Dystopian or Utopian build challenge. What do you want? I was stumped for ideas! This is like the 112th build challenge and most of the brilliant ideas were already taken. You know what happens when I'm seriously tapped for ideas? An all French car challenge and lawd knows no one wants that! So let's hope this old noodle can still come up with interesting challenges for awhile. In the meantime, sit back, serve yourself either nectar of the utopian gods or sip the tainted kool-aid of a disenfranchised dystopian society and check out these Dystopian or Utopian automotive entries. This topic opens the door for several totally awesome ideas like Jetson flying cars, Blade Runner vehicles or gritty Mad Max vehicles, ironically, none of which were built for this challenge.

Instead, a guy named by promozm shows us what happens when you take the red pill and you end up in the matrix where everyone wears black vinyl outfits and can dodge bullets in slow motion. Here's the mysterious black Lincoln Continental from the series.

Lincoln Continental from The Matrix Trilogy

On the other hand, fe2cruz shows us a Utopian Classic Space, Blacktron, cartoony, future where society lives in leisure to play pretend races as '70s movies re-enactments. Sounds pleasant, actually. Let's reenact scenes from Jaws, shall we? We're gonna need a bigger boat.

BULLIT Space Chase Race 2068

Proving to be on the same wavelength, Sam Sir Manperson reasons that The Classic Space world has always looked like one of the happiest places on eart...well, one of the happiest places. Just look at the eternally manic Benny. He's chock full of sugar, caffeine or something.

Classic Space Buggy - FebRovery 2017 - 6-wide - Lego

Your fearless leader Lino Martins shows us that we are currently living in a dystopia for reasons that only people who can read more than 140 characters at a time would understand. This war has happened before; it was the north vs the south, but this time its smart vs. dumb. Right now, the dumb are winning but hey, at least we have guns and truck nuts!

1984 Murica-Mobile

When you take away funding for education, science, arts, environmental protections, health care, unbiased media, and social services all you have left is a zombie apocalypse. Also guns. And truck nuts. And lots of filth. Luckily Ralph Savelsberg built us Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon and his chopper to squelch away the filthy unthinking zombie masses.

Daryl and his chopper from The Walking Dead

Is that all of them? Five entries. Huh, I thought that would go better. I didn't even have time to drink my tainted Kool-Aid. Probably for the best. Anyway, are we all clear on what a dystopia and a utopia is now? Good. Now that we have that 7th grade civics lesson out of the way, let's see what happens when we wrap our considerable minds around cars designed for exhibition events. The greatest minds that have ever walked the earth can be found crushing cars in a monster truck, doing burn outs down a drag strip, or competing in a free-for-all demolition derby. Is there a Nobel Prize for most radical wheelie, must extreme burn out, or hottest car show girl? By golly there should be! Anyway, the challenge will be called...For Your Exhibition. What? I told you all the brilliant names have already been taken. Don't make me use the all French car challenge. I swear to Jeebus we'll all be swillin' French wine and cheese soon if you people complain! Now let's see if you've made it past the first 140 characters of this post. The proof will be in your intelligent and insightful comments in 3...2...1...


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