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I Wannabe Like You Roundup

So how did you all like emulating the ideas and styles of other builders? Wasn't it fun? I think it should have been the December holiday challenge as it was all about honoring and giving props to your fellow man. It felt all warm and fuzzy, like a big group hug. Anyway, lets see how we all did, shalll we?

Phillip Ryman sets the pace of this challenge with a '64 Impala honoring Ralph and Charger Hornet. The tires and car choice feels more like Charger Hornet than Ralph, but the kid is getting pretty good with this Lego car building stuff. I can see him being an auto mechanic someday. And the color choice in his paint

'64 Impala

Phillip mixes up a little black with that red with three more miniature entries again emulating the great Ralph S....or so he says. His size choice and use of generic, non specific cars sort of speaks more about Raphy than Ralph. Raphy, Ralph. Raphy, Ralph, Raphy Ralph! Heh, that was fun...but anyway, here is a truck, a cruiser and a hatchback.

J0n4th4n D3rk53n reaches for his trusty red bricks and turns the Picnic temperature settings way down into the icy blue range to present us with this custom 30's era sedan (that's really a coupe) with very neat RC functions. Jonathan cites Majqa as his inspiration for this build. Hey, that reminds me, where has Majqa been? We haven't seen that dude in forever.

30's Sedan (RC)

Jonathan's second entry, in my opinion, is one of the better things he's ever done. With this very shapely hot rod, he honors silent LUGNut Brickbaron, as well as me, Tim Inman, Apple Pie, Nathan Proudlove and all the other large scale hot rod builders. This thing is just about as sleek as anything Boyd Coddington would do and for this, all the large scale hot rod builders give this build by Jonathan a collective Awesome!

Street Rod

Thirdly Jonathan reaches for his trusty red bricks again wait...WAIT...its a miracle, blue and yellow bricks! Jonathan changes up his usual color scheme this time to honor yours truly. He knows I like 'em chopped, dropped and old which is why he went with this 40's era customized Ford. it looks sort of like one of them new fangled boxy Scion XB's...which is modeled after a 40's era Ford so you see, the connection works.


You can tell Jonathan has dug deep into the LUGNuts archives and has done his research. For his fourth entry, he honors the silent yet ungodly talented LUGNut Stephen Marshall with this digital rendering somewhat depicting Stephen's old Bedford Milk Float. Its good to see even some of our members who choose to remain a tiny blip on the ol' LUGNuts radar get some attention. Even quiet LUGNuts need love too. I've met Stephen and he deserves it.

Improved Bedford

Jason Son tells us he must not say who he was honoring for this challenge...but we all know he's givin' a big shout out to the one and only Firas Abu-Jaber. Because no one builds fast super cars like, except maybe Jason Son. He's pulled off a sleek Ford GT 40 in a striking black and white color scheme. The Burger King logo graces the sides and front of this car making us all hungry for more from Jason Son. Oh, and Whoppers!

GT 40 BK

New guy Ochre Jelly shows some proud love for our own with this super tiny version of his ever famous Mystery Machine. The whole gang is there...we've got Shaggy and Scooby-Doo. There's Velma, Fred...and Daphne, who's looking rather chunky and square. Yanno, I kinda pegged Velma as the one who'd eventually let herself go but I guess I was wrong. That's ok, I like the nerdy smart types anyway. Velma was always my favorite but I'm not sure if she plays for my team...if ya know what I mean.

Microscale Mystery Machine

Speaking of Proudlove, Nathan Proudlove shows some love to the one and only Ralph Savelsberg. As it turns out, Ralph would prove to be a common inspiration with this challenge with scores of other LUGNuts emulating his style and ideas to one degree or another. But no one spot on nails the Ralph look quite like The Jack of All Trades, Nathan. This 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 Quad Cab Dually truck is done in Ralph's tricky 11 wide technique. The studs are showing and even the photo composition smacks of Ralph's signature wooden table/neutral background style. Its almost like Ralph was there building this quality truck all along.

2006 Dodge Ram 3500 Quad Cab Dually

Nolnet remembers a time when Ralph was building a lot of 5-wide VW microbuses. (See, I told ya Ralph was popular this month!) Apparently missing from the group was a VW German T3 Polizei van in lovely green and white German 80's colors. Nolnet captures all the very subtle yet difficult shapes Ralph is well known for with this great little model...he even has the wooden table/neutral background down to a science.

VW T3 Polizei

Nolnet graces us again with yet another Ralph inspired creation. Everyone knows Ralph loves fire trucks from all over the world, so it makes sense that Nolnet built a Mercedes-Benz Feuerwehr Unimog, which in German Unimog. Whatever it means, it sure feels like those old retro lego fire trucks from the 80's. Remember them? So nostalgic. Brings back memories. I can smell the feuerwehr like it was just yesterday!

Feuerwehr Unimog

At the end of the challenge, Nolnet squeezes out one more entry and this time we put away the German dictionary in favor of the Polish one. Here we see a Limey Mog, which honors all of the hard working Polish AFOLs including pitrek02, Wojciech Scrat, M_Longer, Jerrec and all the other incredible guys from LUGPOL. Nolnet notes that when it comes to building incredibly detailed models of mundane work trucks, no one does it like the Polish. And now that I think about it...oh my gosh, he's right!

Limey Mog

Aaron Smiley Face dishes out some love for both me and Raphy. Awwww, ain't that sweet! Aaron honors probably my most recognized MOC to date, the '49 Buick rusted heap called Hidden Treasure...but does it in Raphy's signature Tiny Turbos scale and style. He notes that its good for young builders like Raphy to have positive role models like me to look up to. Awwww, thanks, big guy! I'm digging everything about this.

Hidden Treasure... Raphy style

Everyone knows our own moderator Tim "Rabidnovaracer" Inman is a real Nova racer. He has a classic Nova....that he races...and he has rabies. But what most people don't know is Tim also has a 2010 Kia Soul. He built it as a shout out to Ralph's minifig scale vehicles. I'm digging the humorous WTFNOOB license plate in the back. Lets just hope Tim gets his rabies shots soon, we don't want him ending up all deranged and distempered like Cujo.

2010 Kia Soul

ZetoVince admits that he didn't really build this Lamborghini Gallardo for the challenge, but used it as an opportunity to dedicate it to Firas who paved the way, showing ZetoVince (and the world) that great super cars can be built in Lego. Also he takes design cues from the legendary Firas with a moody dark gray background, shadows and a signature watermark, making those dimwitted thieving noobs think twice about ever stealing this image and calling it their own. Good work, Vince!

For Ed Bricks first ever entry, he chose to emulate lego911...who proved to the the reigning champ in the Agent Janus challenge. Logically, Mr. Bricks went for a nice rendition of 911's Janus Land Rover. Looks like it would be totally fun to drive around the desert to chase bad guys in. I'll have mine on the rocks, please...shaken, not stirred.

Ed Bricks built a Land Rover to honor Lego911

Land Rover

A Ricecracker tastes better while smeared with peanut butter. Its also the name of our next LUGNut to somehow emulate Ralph with this custom lowrider truck. Ralph, with his affinity for factory standard vehicles, has never built a lowrider truck but I suppose the odd color scheme certainly does match Ralph's style.

More on par with what Raphy is doing, Ricecracker gives the youngster a shout out with this Chevy lowrider pickup done in the same color scheme as before. Neat!

Thirdly, Mr. Cracker builds a little something just like...The lego Group itself. This little yellow number wouldn't be out of place as part of a City set...perhaps a car wash or a new town plan design. Ahhhh, The Lego Group...what would we do without you? probably model kit building.

All Terrain Utility Vehicle

But wait, there's more! Ricecracker wants to be somewhat like Ralph...again. And this time with a 2010 Ford F-550 Flatbed. Its the envy you surely feel. Yeah, I'm just gonna go with that.

2010 Ford F-550 Flatbed wants to be just like Raphy...with this little yellow 4-wide tuner drift truck with an oversized drag racer engine and a LeMans racer spoiler. That sounds like something Raphy would build. Kin says Raphy's style is...easy and fast.

Tuner Truck

Ralph "Mad Physicist" Savelsberg...the man, the myth, the greatly emulated legend himself, takes time away from being a myth and a legend...but hopefully not a man, to emulate a few other styles not his own. First he gives Firas a little attention, but not one of his super cars. Turns out long before Firas was a famous super car builder he constructed a London Routemaster doubledecker bus and a black cab. Ralph tips his hat to that old MOC very nicely with his new version complete with...Gasp!...Firas style photo editing.

London Routemaster bus (1)

Everyone knows I like my cars chopped, cropped, lowered and with an obnoxious flaming paint job. Call me weird, but that's just me. For Ralph's second entry, he keys in to this formula for Lino success with this stunning '51 Merc Lead Sled. about really tuning in to your muse. This black custom with lime green flames isn't Ralph's usual style, but it sure is mine. Ralph knows his way into my heart...and my multiple faved pics. Color me flattered!

'51 Mercury lead sled (1)

Ralph has had a productive building month. He's built two cars specifically for this challenge and a bunch more just for the heck of it. When you have a productive sort of emulate the crazy prolific work ethic of our own record breaking lego911. Just think,Ralph, if you crank out like 50 more you can break a record. ;) Here is Ralph's group shot for the month in all its glory.

November cars

CJay wants to be like Bricksonwheels. Who doesn't? Bricks knows big rig trucks and he builds them with the flair and style of a magician. CJay builds a truck and doesn't offer anything in terms of a write up...and I'm sort of tapped out for jokes. Time for me to take a break from writing then. Just enjoy the truck.


Ok, back and invigorated! Good thing, too, because Raphy, who turned out to be much emulated in this challenge, has built a high adrenaline blown muscle car for The image is slightly blurred to portray burning rubber at high speeds. Grrrrr Vrooom Vrroooooom! Now that's fast!

For Raphy's second entry, he chose to throw some love my way with this cute little rendition of my Solar Flare wagon. Raphy says he picked me cuz I'm awesome and badass. And nothing says badass happy sunny yellow station wagon with surf boards. Admittedly this little car is pretty cool and in tricky 5-wide it has some pretty advanced build techniques.

Next on the Raphy slab is this little blue and white Swedish rally car built for none other than Dylan Denton. Its Swedish. And its blue and white. And its a rally car. And its built for Dylan Denton. Yay, I used up two lines talking about this car! Good enough for me!

Sometimes a young pup can teach a grizzled old dog new tricks. So Lino Martins (hey, that's me!) takes a break from building huge 18-wide monsters to give this little 5-wide 1970 Lincoln Continental a try. Raphy dreams of a black Lincoln, so I deliver the goods for the young rascal and in the process learned that building small isn't as easy as I thought. Later deemed "The Raphy Car", this little Lincoln proved to be a crowd fave at this month's SEALUG meeting.

Raphy dreams of a black Lincoln

For my second entry, I wanted to give a salute to Ralph's no nonsense, "bog standard" sensibilities about car building. Lucky for me, he also enjoys classic American cars, but this meant ditching my usual hot rod research material in favor of factory standard ads. The end result was replicating the past the way it really was with this 1960 Ford Starliner in clean white and demure gray. There is nothing hot rod or badass about this car, but on the shelf next to my other creations, its lines are elegant, and graceful...and quickly becoming one of my faves, making me think there is something to this "bog standard" after all.

Stock Beauty...1960 Ford Starliner

What would a LUGNuts challenge be without multiple entries from lego911? The round ups would be a lot easier to write, but I'd rather drudge through this writing thing I sort of like doing anyway than to not be graced with 911's presence. To start us off, he nods in my direction with this sleek blue '49 Buick Fastback. Turns out this pretty blue beauty is my decrepit old Hidden Treasure...before it was abandoned and overgrown with forest! His backstory explains the car's history and the story unfolds with subsequent MOCs, all of them showing how the car became the abandoned old heap I had built. The fascinating backstory is still unfolding over in his stream so be sure not to miss a beat.

For his second entry, 911 wants to be like Nolnet. He has crafted a car carrier rig in the same color scheme as Nolnet's unforgettable Go Miniman Go Party Rig. Black, white and orange is, in my opinion a formula for success. awesome job, 911 and a hefty thanks goes to Nolnet for the inspiration and creating some of the most popular LUGNuts vehicles to date.

Thirdly, Lego911 shows some love for Nolnet's work yet again with this awesome miniland scale version of his Fiat 500 Hatchback. I'm digging its swooping shape and red and white color pattern proving that lego911 (and Nolnet) sure knows hot to pick 'em!

A long time ago, Bill Ward, founder of the upcoming Bricks By The Bay has built an unforgettable Shasta Teardrop Travel Trailer. Now, lego911 offers bill a tip of his hat with this newer miniland scale rendition of the same thing. I'm seeing a lot of great details, I want to go camping in this thing!

Miniland Scale Version of Bill Ward's Shasta Teardrop Travel Trailer

What do you get when you take an awesome '59 Impala that Ralph built, then drop it, chop it and give it a flaming paint job like nathan and I would do? You get lego911's next creation honoring three top builders. I'm digging the matte gray finish, the lime green stripe and the Bionicle flame piece along the side blows my mind! Nice work.

Chevrolet 1959 Impala Street Rod (Modified)

Finally, 911 says he wants to be...Lego. Is he going crazy? Probably not. Thats just 911's humor showing through. This sleek black, red and orange Ford Edge towing Bill Ward's famous teardrop is too advanced for someone of compromised mental ability. Plus he's got a mini pirate's boat disguised as a recreational boat on the roof...and that's not crazy at all!

Besides, if Lego911 was crazy, would Dylan Denton want to be like him? I'd think not. This month, Dylan builds multiple versions of the same car, just as 911 would. Both are 1974 Lancia Stratos. The yellow is a Stratos HF Stradale, and the other is a rally car sporting the logo and colors of Marlboro cowboy killers. See, thats not crazy at all.

1974 Lancia Stratos

Lastly Olafo wants to be like Ricecracker because he likes his minifig compatible stuff. Here we see the concept Jeep Hurricane done allegedly in Ricecracker's style. I'm digging the black and silver here. Nice execution.

Jeep Hurricane

Finally Olafo finishes himself off, and the challenge, with this 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback built in honor of Ralph Savelsberg proving once and for all that Ralph is the most sought after builder in this whole challenge. Congrats to you, Ralph! If you were nearby, I'd buy you a round of drinks. But, as circumstances has it, I'll just have to drink that round for you. So here's to you! Cheers! (Glug glug glug glug!)

1968 Ford Mustang 390 CID Fastback

Well that was fun! Every challenge so far has generated dozens of diverse cars trucks and bikes with still potentially hundreds of thousands of possibilities...but what would happen if we're all forced to build the same car? Its still too early to tell, but even when faced with just one choice of car, I believe we can pull off scores of diverse and interesting ideas while still working within rigid limitations. Stay tuned and lets see how we all do with our 1966 Ford Galaxies in this month's challenge called...A Galaxie of Possibilities! Should be great!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It slices, it dices...

Originally uploaded by mahjqa

Okay, so it doesn't do any of those things, but it can climb like nothing I've ever seen. Be sure to check out the Youtube video of this thing in action.

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Our Two year Birthday Roundup!

October was our two year anniversary of LUGNuts and we celebrated the only way we know building any vehicles we wanted from the previous 12...nix that, 24 challenges! For some of us there may have also been beer involved. And possibly other moderately frowned upon adult activities. I can't confirm that. Anyway, lets get to the roundup and see how we did, shall we?

We all know that song Lowrider from the classic funk band called War. I know it, Nathan knows it and J0n4th4n D3rk53n knows it. He proves it with this...decidedly nice Low Rida model with opening hood and trunk. Same trusty red pieces as most of his other vehicles but this one is a pretty good direction, I think. know the lowrider. The...low...rider is a little higher. Sing it with me, now!

Low Rida

Jon4th4n reaches for his trusty red pieces again but this time builds for the ever difficult All But Four challenge. Its a three wheeled truck. Its kinda tall, kinda boxy, kinda...three wheeled. Yep, there it is. I still got that Lowrider tune stuck in my head now.

3 Wheeled Truck

Its not often bricksonwheels enters something for our challenges. I imagine being the world's "go to" Lego big rig authority takes a lot of time and patience to get those shapes just right. But when he does enter something...Oh boy, is it ever cool! For example, check out this "Insanity Ride" Peterbuilt 379 semi with trailor. There's no skimping on the details here. I'm digging the flared pipes, the subtle curving shape, the checker pattern...everything! it was built for the All But Four challenge. Lets see it has two front tires, lost count. Ok, it more than qualifies!

Insanity Combo 7

New guy Mark Dock proves the All But Four challenge to be pretty popular with his first ever entry...a very cool lego chopper. I'm digging the menacing rake of this thing and its low profile. He's incorporated some bionicle parts in there and its chock full of good details. Mark doesn't build much but could prove to be a pretty accomplished vehicle builder as well as a great photographer, so lets hope this isn't all we'll see from him. Good job, man!

LEGO Chopper

A LUGNuts challenge would be nothing without one of Firas Abu-Jaber's Italian mid-engine super cars...or so I thought. As he loves sleek modern amenities, its no surprise he went for the Millennium Marvels challenge but this time he ditched his usual super car influences for this equally sweet Mitsubishi Evo X. This thing is 17 studs wide and takes a lot of cues from Ralph's tricky half stud offset techniques. Firas set out to make this his most detailed model to date...and, by golly, I think he pulled it off!

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

There is a such thing as a Trailer Queen, and no, it isn't my friend, Tiffany. A Trailer Queen is a show car that is too pretty to be driven so it travels from show to show on a flatbed or inside a truck trailer. The opposite of a Trailer Queen would be Olafo's Smog Queen built for the Junkers and Clunkers challenge. This low down and dirty rat rod is chock full of bad attitude and noxious fumes...kinda like my friend, Tiffany. She lives in a trailer park. Thats why I like her so much!

Smog Queen

Raphy shows the ever creepy Fear and Loathing challenge and loathing with this Appaloosa D8-F8 stretch limousine. Nyctohylophobia is the fear of the dark and this limo is...dark. Yanno, if I had my own limosuine it would be called...a Linosine. Heh! I can't believe how funny I am sometimes! Wasn't that a great joke? No? Aw c'mon, guys! Ok, lets move on, shall we?

In Raphy's second entry honors the Play That Funky Music challenge with a decidedly watered down country sounding tune called Sideways, by Dierks Bentley. Never heard of him. To go with the song, Raphy builds a little yellow and white drift car. Sideways...drift car...ok, thats kinda clever. Yanno, ever since that movie Sideways, I've wanted to walk into a hoity-toity wine tasting place and dump a spit bucket of Merlot on my head. That, I think, would be one of my life's greatest achievements. Because of that movie, I also have a thing for Sandra Oh.

Improbcat proposes a the middle of the challenge (but doesn't build anything for it!) and suggests that anyone who can coherently combine as many past challenges as possible into one MOC will get a Lego Camper 7632. You had to tag your pics with "improbcat's dumb challenge" and bribes were highly encouraged. The rest of us couldn't be bothered but Raphy, ever hungry for new Lego pieces, submitted a heavily modified Edsel that seems to fit a whole slew of challenges. Also he was the only one to actually follow the stipulations of the challenge within a challenge, so it looks like Raphy is going to be a proud owner of new new Lego camper! Raphy, let me know if that doesn't work out and I'll step in to make sure it happens.

Kin.Lego built a sleek little Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 that coherently fits five challenges. He fears the charging bull(don't we all!) that is indicative of the lambo logo...its spoiler and overall shape makes it perfect for At The Races...and red and white represents Fire and Ice. This is a Millennium Marvel originally designed by Luc Donckerwolke, so there's two more challenges right there. I'm digging the dark background on this thing...the gullwing doors, the white interior...all amazing!

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Custom

Kin.Lego is most comfortable building 1:17 scale super cars. This is why it was cool to see him scale down to a minifig sized rat rod. This heap of junk looks like it used to tear up the race track...about two decades ago. I like the broken axles and the plantlife invading the rod's roof. That minifig greaser is going to need a bigger shovel to dig that rat rod out of that mess! Oh, check out the dead Lego rat laying sideways in the photo. Kin.Lego says it was completely unintentional. Ooops!

Rusty Rat

When you ask Nathan Proudlove "Who's Your Big Daddy?", he might tell you this time around its Aaron Grote, the original builder of this Ed Roth inspired Atomic Punk bubble top showrod. The MOC is awesome all around, but Nathan is the first to ever use the new Christmas ornament clear dome in a MOC. At least one other MOC has followed suit so far, but when you're the first to do something, you pretty much own it. This would have been a perfect solution to my Mysterion a couple months back but I'm pretty sure the 9 stud wide half sphere part didn't even exist back then. Oh, and get this, Aaron Grote...the man, the myth, the automotive legend himself had seen and favorably commented on Nathan's MOC. Hows that for awesome?!


Sharpspeed seems to relish in the power of the written word. Why else would he demand the roundups month after month just hours after the new challenges start? He also relishes in 4-wide racing cars. Here we see a trio of tiny turbos...all three qualifying for the "Millennium Marvels" and "At The Races" challenges. They are the Scaletti Vespa, Hydra and Zardo...all completely made up cars.

Then much later in the a day after it was over with, Sharpspeed squeezes out one more entry with this HCMDF (hey, isn't that a German industrial rock band? Oh, wait, I'm thinking of KMFDM!) tank that fits in the Fear and Loathing challenge. Necrophobia is the fear of death, Phonophobia is the fear of loud sounds (supposedly made by the gun turret) and Algophobia is the fear of pain...which would surely happen if you stepped on this little guy with bare feet. Ouch! See, if I actually launched this roundup just minutes after the challenge ended as presumably Sharpspeed thinks I should, this entry would not have been included. Can anyone else smell the irony here?

Ever get a special tune stuck in your head...besides that old Lowrider tune just now? Has it ever haunted you for years but drove you nearly crazy because you have no idea the name of it or who its written by? Do you ever hear it in those times when you fancy yourself as a badass cowboy who takes crap from no one and rides off into the sunset after saving the day? Well, this has happened to Lino Martins. Hey, that's me! Finally, I learned the name of that tune. Its called Apache and was written in 1960 by a band called The Shadows. I built this 1960 Chevy honor of that song. It has diamond pattern seats like that of a diamondback rattler and features a Badlands base complete with scorpions, a buffalo skull and a vulture on a cactus.

"The tune haunted me as long as I could remember"

Tim "Rabidnovaracer" Inman kills two birds with one stone. I guess that means he hates birds...but what he does in his back yard is his own business. But he also satisfies two challenges with one MOC...oh, thats probably what he meant by that whole two birds thing. Anyway, here we see an awesome Grim Reaper chopper, Originally designed by Tom Daniel and has two tires so qualifies as an All But Four entry. It sports a wicked coffin-shaped gas tank, king 'n queen seats, some copious Lego chrome and the whole thing is topped off with a menacing iron cross. Nice use of SNOT techniques and cheese slopes for the cross. Its all around badass and its good to see Tim build his first ever (I think) bike!

Tom Daniels' Grim Reaper

A different Tim...Tim "Gambort" Gould, teams up with Mike Psiaki to build a redux of set number 6357, the Stunt 'Copter N' Truck. For our purposes, it fits the All But Four challenge but a set redux seems like a pretty fun idea that I wouldn't mind trying myself. Maybe I'll even make it an official challenge someday. (Let me write that down.) I'm digging the color scheme and the chrome pipes. Apparently Tim digs the whole thing too as I'll quote him as saying, "Besides which I'm really happy with it so you can all suck it up ;)" Alrighty, then!

6357 Stunt 'Copter N' Truck

Ricecracker has labored over this MOC for two and a half months. (Yikes!) The end result is a Toronto ETF's Ford F550 Armet Armored Vehicles Trooper. This little beast is only six studs wide but it sports opening doors, complex curved sides and roofline, opening gun ports, and even flashing lights. I suppose this is what's needed when Canadians get really rowdy...not like the disorderly hockey fight rowdy but like the holy mother of crap, its a mob riot kind of rowdy! Remind me not to vacation in Canada when that happens. I'm confused enough by the whole metric system and the fact that they put beavers and loons on their money.

Toronto ETF AAV Trooper

So Peter "lego911" Blackert (Alright everybody, get some coffee. Sit back, make yourself comfortable, this is going to take awhile. You kids go to the bathroom now while you can! I don't wanna hear halfway through the trip that you need to tinkle. So help me, God, don't make me turn this car around!) builds a bright yellow Ferrari Spyder that fits the Fear And Loathing challenge depicting Arachnophobia. Cool!

Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder

Next on the lego911 slab is the 1968 Jaguar XJ Series I that fits the "Who's Your Big Daddy" challenge to honor Sir William Lyons, who is the founder of the Jaguar Car Company. This model was built in lovely green and features opening doors and the classic signature Jaguar shape.

Jaguar XJ Saloon Series I 1968

He then ditches his usual classic luxury/super car configuration in favor of this neat little Police K-Bike that satisfies the All But Four challenge. He originally built this bike in 1986 (way before some of you were born!) but Lego has since put out plenty of sweet new pieces, so he has updated the build in 2009. Amazingly he's kept the old bike so don't miss the comparison photo in his stream.

If you all remember the Agent Janus challenge, lego911 breaks some records by building twenty something cars in a month only to double his own record later in the At The Races challenge. Well, its no surprise he was going to revisit the Agent Janus franchise again, but this time with a Ferrari 458 Italia Berlinetta in silver and dark blue...the iconic colors of the official Lego Agents sets. This deadly little car has a supercharger, guns and rockets. Oh, yeaaaah!

Peter unfortunately missed the original Fire and Ice challenge but recoups rather nicely with this his and hers Ferrari set. The icy cool is the Ferrari F430 Spyder while the red hot is the ferrari F430 Berlinetta. Two challenge. it just goes to show how completely dedicated Peter is to our challenges. But it doesn't stop there...not even close!

Ferrari F430 Berlinetta and F430 Spider

Next he revisits the Zombie Apocalypse challenge with this LCAD Ford Falcon XB Sedan Police Vehicle from the movie that arguably invented the post-apoc vehicle, Mad Max I. The movie was filmed in Peter's country of Australia pretty near where he lives so it makes sense he would revisit this theme again. Plus this is an Aussie Ford Falcon and as Peter works for Ford, this is pretty much his thing.

Ford Falcon XB Police Pursuit 'Mad Max' LDD

If any of you were losing any sleep in anticipation of how the Raphy/Ralph/Peter '59 Caddy triple build off was going, well rest your weary little heads because the results are in! Raphy bailed out due to lack of time as he probably had all the problems that the rest of us suffer from...yanno, hectic work schedule/nagging boss/paying bills/bad credit/sore back/hungover/dealing with the cable company/prostate exams/and reckless driving. But Peter pulled through first with these LCAD versions in both red and white.

Cadillac 1959 Series 62

Then, true to Peter's style, with only minutes to spare, he later submits a very sleek brick built version in red, just as Halloween and incidentally this challenge was winding down. Ralph had also pulled through with his stunning '59 Caddy that will be mentioned later in this roundup. First, we still have plenty more of Peter to go over. Are you comfortable? How's that coffee? Mine is a Pacific Roast from Tony's Fair Trade, Shade Grown Organic coffee. Yep, just like Quintin Tarantino's role in Pulp Fiction, I don't mess around when it comes to coffee. Nor do I have any storage for dead guys. Guess you'd have to see the movie to get that one. Lets move on.

1959 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible - Brick Build

His next entry fits the Millennium Marvels bill and its a 2011 Ford F-350 Power Miners Fuel Tanker...complete with three cute little minifig power miners. Awww, look how cute they are. The one behind the wheel looks like my six year old nephew that I let drive us home one time. You see, we were all hanging out at a friends house and we were all really drunk, like the kind of drunk where I woke up in a puddle of my own puke only to realize the puke was not my own after all. You know what I mean? I was seeing triple and I had the spins something fierce, so I figured I'd give the keys of the VW Microbus to my six year old nephew and let him deal with it if we get pulled over. I'm just kidding...I never had a VW Microbus. Or a nephew.

Ford 2011 F-350 HD 4WD Petrol Tanker

Moving right along, Peter submits this sweet Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, for the "Whos Your Big Daddy" challenge honoring Pinin Farina, cheif styling house to Ferrari in the 1960's. Cool!

Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

As the late, great Billy Mays would say...but wait there's more! Like any good spy novel, the Agent Janus franchise is chock full of characters and plot twists. I provided the basic guidelines, but you all made up the rest as you went along. Here we see a wheelchair bound Dr. Nothing with his sinister looking...and I presume wheelchair accessible Citroen DS.

Dr. Nothing and his Citroen DS

Peter's next Dr. Nothing himself. A trap for Agent Janus backfired, rendering Dr. Nothing with a broken spine (yikes!) and wheelchair bound. But, like any handi-capable evil genius, I would imagine his wheelchair is chock full of dastardly spy villain gadgets and gizmos suitable enough to make any secret agent shudder in his tuxedo.

Dr. Nothing

Finally, comes Peter's silliest entry ever, its Stacey the Roller-skating Stegosaurus! Stacey has 16 wheels of skating pleasure, fitting the All But Four challenge, and no short measure of elegance and grace. With the weight of nearly four elephants and a brain the size of a walnut, how would a stegosaurus handle roller skates? I bet nothing good can come from that, but luckily for this poor dinosaur, roller skates weren't invented until minutes after the cavemen invented the wheel. You historians look that up and get back to me on that, will ya? Thanks.

Stacey the Rollerskating Stegosaurus

Ralph "Mad Physicist" Savelsberg has also enjoyed the Agent Janus challenge the first time around, so it only makes sense that he'd revisit the idea again but this time with a modern new twist. Forget the glitz and glamor of spy novels of yore, forget the French Riviera and fancy Lamborghinis, the modern agent's life is more gritty. They work for the FBI and drives a very utilitarian government issue GMC Yukon in the punishing sun bleached setting of the American southwest. According to Ralph's story, after serving some time in prison, Dr. Nothing is possibly a modern terrorist working out of New Mexico. Exciting stuff with a modern twist!

Agent Janus - the next generation

Next comes Ralph's aforementioned '59 Caddy in lovely pink. As part of the caddy build-off, this also best fits in the Play That Funky Music challenge as Elvis had plenty of pink Caddies, but not a '59. Country legend David Allen Coe writes about a pink Cadillac and so does Bruce Springsteen. I think its safe to say we're all very impressed with its complex shape, given the limitations that such a rare color provides. This model sports more pink pieces than probably ten of our separate Lego collections combined. That pretty pink Lego parts pack is looking real good to me right about now!

1959 Cadillac Series 62 convertible (2)

Steve "kwycstix" Walker has entered a one horse power cart for the All But Four challenge. It's a pretty simple construction, but most impressive is the very advanced horse cart shock absorbers he has constructed. I was at Steve's house the other day and we were talking about Ralph's pink Caddy and damn it, wouldn't you know it, Steve had the pretty pink Lego parts pack I wanted! Pink pieces has never looked so good until now. We also played this very cool racing video game on the X-Box. It turns out I suck at racing. Eh, its all about "low and slow" for me anyway.

Dylan Denton submits this very neat custom 1966 Ford Bronco complete with working suspension and a removable white roof. This rough and tumble little ride looks like it can go over most terrain and fits the first LUGNUts challenge ever...Modified Machines and also fits Fire And Ice due to its red and white color scheme. Nice!

1966 Ford Bronco

Dylan's second entry is a clunky Model T rat rod called "Pack Rat". It has a large rear luggage box with plenty of junk in the trunk...just like my aforementioned friend, Tiffany who lives in a trailer park. She has "junk in the trunk" too. She'd probably kill me if she knew I kept equating her to rat rods. But, yanno, she does live in a trailer park so she kinda has to own up to it. She's a great gal, one of my closest friends. I never said I had class, but you all probably figured that out already. ;)

Rat Rod "Pack-Rat" his name implies is very much Lego exotic cars...yanno, like Ferraris and Porsches. But this time he tries his hand at a rat rod wrecker called Tiffany...uh, I mean "Lucky Nutty", The Old Little Tow Rod. It has suicide doors (not suicidal doors as LegoExotics writes), a working winch and a totally awesome V-8 engine. The name comes from the cute little squirrel head mascot placed on the radiator and fits within the Junkers and Clunkers challenge.

"Lucky Nutty"

LegoExotics then lives up to his own name with this exotic Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce. This sleek car fits in the Millennium Marvels challenge and he jokes that it fits into the 342nd Challenge called "Longest Names On Vehicles". He has high hopes that LUGNuts will still be going strong 29 years from now. Wait, is my math right? I don't know, what am I a physicist? You guys figure that out and get back to me on it. In the meantime, he also alludes to the fact that this is fitting for next month's challenge as he emulated Firas's style. Which is a perfect segue to this...

Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce

That wraps up this month's round up! Looks like we had a great time. Be sure to join us for this month's "I Wannabe Like You", the challenge where we honor each other's styles and ideas. Will you build a sleek super car like Firas, or a totally unpredictable rod like Nathan would? Only time will tell. See ya for next month's roundup, thanks for reading!