Thursday, April 27, 2017

For Your Exhibition...Roundup

Your dad’s conservative tan Saab can get you from point A to point B with steadfast reliability and legendary safety. If getting from point A to point B without incident or unwanted attention is your life’s dream, then kudos to you and your dad’s tan Saab. But what about showmanship, pizzazz, character, excitement, and the ability to draw a crowd and make their hearts skip a beat? Your dad’s conservative tan Saab seems woefully lacking in its ability to do burn outs, shoot flames, pop wheelies, crush cars, or rip down the quarter mile drag strip as loud as thunder. Are you ashamed yet? You should be. I'm ashamed that I just copied the entire first paragraph of the challenge and just pasted it here like a lazy bum. But as it says in the Bible (probably somewhere in the back) good writing should speak for itself. This intro did two brilliant things: poked fun at your dad's tan Saab and demonstrated, in no unclear terms, what this whole For Your Exhibition challenge should be about. So sit back, grab yourself a rainbow slushy (for reasons unclear even to me) and check out why our entries don't disappoint.

Johnni D shows us how its all done with an uplifting back story. An Oakland Police officer was gunned down and he was memorialized with Oakland's first jumping lowrider police cruiser. He also predicted the near future. Next month's challenge is all about mixing two or more car cultures in one vehicle. This would have been perfect for that too.

1991 Ford Crown Victoria

Pasukaru76 submits his entry with the question; muscle cars are pure exhibition, right? Well, yes. That works just fine. By this point he could have submitted your dad's tan Saab and I would have been cool with it. I'm just thrilled he could participate, really.

Muscle Car

I'm also thrilled that Nathan Proudlove submitted this Batmobile from Arkham Knight. Nowadays an entry from your LUGNuts Co-Founder is as rare as a sasquatch sighting in which everyone at the camp sight is sober. Plus that Batmobile is just plain nuts!

Arkham Knight Batmobile

Closely resembling a sasquatch but merely a fraction of the size is the other LUGNuts founder, Lino Martins. I went with the radically customized freezer truck Hot Wheels cast called Cool-One and made it green for the money and gold for the hunnys...except no gold for the hunnys. I hope they also are fond of chrome.


New guy Lasse Deleuran proved that he knows all about what the hunnys are into. While he may lack the green for the money, he's got an abundance of gold for the hunnys with this wacked out decotora truck. It has dollar signs so maybe there is some green stashed away in there after all. Its also powered by two NXT motors.

Gold Dekotora

Tim Inman builds the mother of all hunnys in the form of the charming and ever so titillating Linda Vaughn. I can't stress enough how accurately Tim depicted her with his LEGO rendition. Every fabulous detail has been thought out and rendered perfectly. Go ahead, Google her. I'll wait. See what I mean?! Am I right or am I right?! Holy moly! Also there's a gold car here, apparently.

'67 Hurst "Hairy" Oldsmobile

I was just thinking these challenges could use a little more Peter Blackert when low and behold, he comes back from a two or three month hiatus and presents us with this Chevrolet El Camino wheelstander known as 'Texas Rare Bear III'.

Chevrolet El Camino - Texas Rare Bear III Wheelstander

Being my friend on Facebook means you get to see all the times I've "liked" tattooed ladies, rat rods and atomic age futurism. Which reminds me, I should curb my enthusiasm for princess and frog cosplay lest anyone think I'm weird. Anyway I "liked" this highly customized '61 Thunderbird recently and Peter rendered it nicely.

Kustom Ford Thundertruck

 Sometimes a car is perfect for exhibition right off the assembly line as evidenced by this 1960 Dodge Polara D500 Hardtop Coupe in lovely light azure blue.  This came from a period in history focused on 'Automotive Self Exhibition'. Rolling art, right there.

Dodge Polara D500 1960 Hardtop Coupe

 Sometimes a good retro-mod showstopper will win you the top prize, as evidenced by this completely custom, yet recognizable 1933 Ford called 'Renaissance Roadster'. This is owned by Nancy and Buddy Jordan, of Portland, Oregon and is the winner of the 2017 Ridler Award.

Custom Ford 1933 V8 - Renaissance Roadster

And speaking of showstopper, Sam Sir Manperson wins the award for confidence by calling his entry the Show Stopper. Its a hot rod with a supercar engine. Engine swap, noise, fat tires - it has it all. And it really is a showstopper cuz...that's all the show we have.

Show Stopper Rod - 10-wide - Lego

There you have it. You take a bunch of guys with some free time and LEGO, feed them some loosey-goosey theme about exhibition cars and you get...this roundup. Lets see what happens next month when we take more or less the same bunch of guys with free time and LEGO and see what they do with a trickier theme called Automotive Culture Mashup. One car culture is so passé when you can have racing slicks on a luxury sedan, ape hangers on a café racer or truck nuts on a Prius. Good god, I hope someone builds that! Peter, if you're up for an assignment...Prius, confederate flag, gun rack, and truck nuts. Pretty please! Can you get Kentucky Whiskey in Australia? What about a non-fat half-caf latte with soymilk? You're gonna need both to get in the right mindset. My mindset? You take a fine German Doppelbock and mix it with a Moxie soda and you pretty much get what I have in store for you. That'll be a neat clue if this roundup ends up getting published before I post my entry. So see ya next month and in the meantime, leave your intelligent and insightful comments in 3...2...1...

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