Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Toyota Tacoma Time...Roundup

Who has love for the Toyota Tacoma? According to this month's challenge called Toyota Tacoma Time, in spite of my best intentions, it turns out not many of us do. You see, it was one of them weird challenges where everyone builds the same damn thing, but for the love of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph on a pogo stick, they had all better be different. We could have built any year Tacoma,even its precursor, the indestructible Hilux, and thus this offered opportunities for lots of customization. There were not a lot of entries, but as for Jesus, Mary, and Joseph hopping merrily along, they can all take solace in knowing that at least they were all different. Let's show ya what I mean, shall we?

Even if a lot of people don't come to the party, you can always count on Peter Blackert to bring the chips, dip, guacamole, beer, entertainment, music...and strippers. First the chips as represented by this 2013 Toyota Tacoma TRD T|X Baja Edition. Its red and comes with a neat diorama. If I've said this once, I'll say it a thousand times...its all about the tan bushes. Wait, what?

Toyota Tacoma TRD T|X Baja Edition

Next on the Peter slab, he brings the dip...or in this case the yellow and white Disney/Pixar - 'Toy Story' - Pizza Planet Delivery Hilux. The details are awesome, including the Pizza Planet rocket on the roof and the "YO" on the tailgate.

Disney / Pixar 'Toy Story' - Pizza Planet Delivery Shuttle

Did someone say kumquats? No? Never say kumquats in Peter's presence. But he did bring the guacamole...and also a Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4x4 Custom with matching yacht and trailer. Our strict automotive rules makes it so you can't build boats...unless said boat is a '72 Buick Riviera or being towed by some sort of car, truck or bike. Then its welcome aboard, sailor! I like boats. Ya'll should build more. Just sayin'.

Toyota Tacoma - Double Cab 4x4

A friend indeed is the friend that brings the beer. Or also the Toyota Tacoma Single Cab Pickup in dark tan complete with diorama and dark tan bush. That's cool too. But definitely the beer is essential to any party.

Toyota Tacoma Single Cab Pickup

Next Peter brings the entertainment...and nothing is more entertaining than an Aussie building a Captain America inspired Toyota Tacoma monster truck. Guess what. This was precisely what I would have built had I not built a snowplow. No seriously, a monster truck called Captain America was my second choice, but that would have involved opening a rare Technic set for the monster tires and acquiring the stupid Cap America Hero Factory fig for the shield. Almost!

Toyota Tacoma - Captain America Monster Truck

But, as the Highlander says, there can only be thankfully there was only one Toyota FJ cruiser...really a Tacoma in weirder clothing. This would satisfy the music portion of the party analogy, but does it satisfy the need to get everyone on the dance floor? Its like expecting throbbing dance beats and instead somebody brings Slim Whitman.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

But strippers make any party so much better...even if said stripper is in the form of a single cab version of the Toyota Tacoma at 1:28 scale. Never in my entire life would I predict I'd type the above sentence, but writing the monthly roundups is all about surprises. That and kumquats. And occasionally telling the Lansing Lugnuts to go get bent. Thanks, Peter. Thanks for bringing up that old can of worms.

MotorCity Scale Toyota Tacoma Pickup

See, he builds a blue Tacoma and suddenly I'm picking a beef with an entire minor league softball team...again. Lino Martins (hey, that's me!)builds a Tacoma snowplow and suddenly I want to skin an Ewok alive. Why? Well, duh! That should be obvious. The color scheme and function of this industrious plow was inspired by the Star Wars Snowspeeder, which makes me realize an Ewok would make a nice handbag.

Toyota Tacoma Snowplow

Pretty obvious now, right? This is why Raphy presents two very obvious choices for his entries. You see, when you have a Toyota Tacoma, you're faced with two very obvious choices. Either make yours into a Baja Racer...or a bunny. I can assure you, many a night of sleep was lost waffling between these two choices. The dilemma can bring a grown-ass man to tears, lemme tell ya.

Baja Hilux & Bunny Hilux

This quick cartoonish build as rendered by LegoNoitAllMOCs makes me want to punch Howie Mandel in the balls, but that correlation should be so obvious that it doesn't require further explanation. But what confuses me still is; is this builder a "know it all" or a "no it all"? Was that like a misspelling or was it on purpose? Will I ever dislodge my fist from this Pringles can? I think not.

Toyota Tacoma

Lastly, Rolic is a man of very few words with his entry. He just tells us its black and lime with a dark red interior. That's it. So its up to me to come up with the rest.'s a question. If you were a hot dog and you were starving, would you eat yourself? I think we all know the answer to that.

Toyota Tacoma

So that brings us to the logical conclusion of this roundup. It was short and sweet and thus will give me more time to paint, build, read, walk the dog, or do whatever. Cool. But tune in next month when we go Behind The Iron Curtain in a roundup all about vehicles manufactured or associated with Communist countries. Between current and former Communist regimes, about 30 nations fit the bill so it should be interesting to see how it all turns out. I don't know about you, but I'll be waiting patiently with baited breath.Under the cover of night. And a bear trap. And a pile of leaves. Cuz Howie Mandel would be hard to capture otherwise. Cripes, do I need to explain the obvious to you people?! Anyway, we'll see ya next time. Take your beer and close the fridge on the way out and tell the stripper I love her.


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