Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Star Wars Awakens Round-Up

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has just become the highest grossing movie in the history of the world ever. And why not? It has cool robots and spaceships! Its the story of a troubled young man who went and made a giant douche of himself and his parents were like…we probably should have spanked him more. Or hugged him more. Or something. Apparently to raise a child right it requires the perfect balance of spanking and hugging and clearly they missed the mark by a long shot. Not that I have all the answers. Clearly I don't. I recently took my dog through one of those drive through wild animal parks cuz it seemed like a good idea at the time. There's the "how you doing?" bark, there's the "who's at the door?" bark, and then there's the bark that says"why is this happening to me? This experience is going to be in my nightmares for the rest of my doggy life!" It was that kind of bark for the whole hour it took us to drive through it all. Of course we played it off as if it was a for your own good kind of thing. If you, in your little doggy life, have never known the horror of a two ton beast eyeballing you as a snack from four inches away, then clearly we have coddled you too much! Anyway, so we did this tie-in challenge called The Star Wars Awakens. When other LEGO groups did it, they became their most successful events ever. However when we do it, it was like instead of Star wars we did a tie-in for The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Strangely, it was one of our least popular challenges ever. Sociologists centuries from now will still never understand the unpopularity of this challenge.

Out of the gate, Lino Martins shows us how its supposed to be done. The first order happens to be a custom 2016 Ford Focus RS based on the First Order TIE-Fighter with it's front and rear facing centralized seating and Hitler-rific color scheme.

2016 Ford Focus RS-First Order TIE-Fighter Edition

Adding to his long line of vehicles from movies, Ralph Savelsberg builds a replica of the speeder bike from Return of the Jedi. Because the Redwood Forest of Northern California is pretty much the most logical place to race hard-to-handle flying bikes at breakneck speeds.

Star Wars Speeder Bike

Tim Inman was so uninspired by Star Wars that he built the Buick from Mad Max: Fury Road. He spins some bs about it being kinda like a Star Destroyer but, you know, you can't really knock him for that. I am the king of spinning bs.  That's how I aced art school.

Mad Max Fury Road: Buick

Peter Blackert tells us that apparently in New York City there was some Uber tie-in with the movie where you can request a Dodge Charger that looks a bit like a Stormtrooper, then fill it full of guys who want to kidnap Kevin Smith's daughter, Harley Quinn. What, too soon?

Dodge Charger SRT HellCat - STARWARS StormTrooper

Next Peter tries his best at putting his engineering brain to do some customizing…well sort of. Hot Wheels put out a little Yoda car so instead of copying it exactly, he made a Smart Car into the Hot Wheels Yoda-Mobile. Makes sense, considering Yoda is small and wise. He probably wouldn't reach the foot pedals though. The Force, he will use!

Smart MkIII - StarWars Yoda

Way back in '77 when this whole Star Wars thing took off, Lucasfilm officially sponsored a 1977 Toyota A20 Celica Star Wars Promotional Vehicle. The 70's relic has scenes from the movie poster emblazoned on the hood and is chock full of state-of-the-art 1977 style. Apparently there is a hunt and a reward out for this car and so far with no good leads.

StarWars Episode IV - A New Hope - Toyota Celica A20 Promotional Car

About a month or so back our Big Brother's Blog had a Pimp Rey's Speeder Star Wars tie-in challenge that was likely their most popular event in the history of the world ever. When we do it…yeah, not so much. But Peter did something with Rey's speeder all those other clods couldn't do. Change up the scale and make an old-timer speedster out of it.

Rey Speedster - StarWars Episode VII - 'The Force Awakens'

That's all of them. Nothing like a short, mediocre roundup for a challenge that was theoretically likely to be one of the most popular in our history. Instead we get a little roundup about four women who's tight bond is exemplified by a pair of pants that fits them all. Funny how that works out. Can you believe they've made not just one sequel, but another in the works? So what does the future of this blog hold in store? Hopefully no other reason to google chick flicks with abysmal Rotten Tomatoes scores. No, instead we're gonna need an awfully big pair of pants for the next challenge we call Land Yachts…all about gas guzzling, environmental hating full sized cars of yore. Should be fun! We'll see ya next time.

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