Thursday, December 31, 2015

Our First Wheels…Roundup

What we played with as kids often play a role in shaping how we turn out as adults. Some children play with dolls, some play with toy soldiers. I played with matches…which, now that I think about it, explains a lot. I'm pretty sure I can vouch for everyone in this little group we call LUGNuts that we played with LEGO and toy cars as kids. And also as grown-ass men. I'd say grown-ass women and grown-ass transgenders but the latter two, while they may be LUGNuts members, seem to be a rather silent minority in terms of participation in the challenges. We'd welcome their input if they suddenly exhibited a flurry of car building. Really, we would. We're cool like that. Anywho, this challenge was called Our First Wheels, denoting LEGO models built from any toy car, whether it be Hot Wheels, Matchbox, model kits, Tonka toys, etc. So sit back and relax. Grab yourself a hot chocolate laced with vodka, (I probably should have told you that before you sat down!) and enjoy this sausage fest roundup of a bunch of grown-ass men who play with legos.

The rules didn't say you had to get all nostalgic and misty eyed over toy cars you actually had as kids, but Ralph Savelsberg did it anyway, and with really good results. First up is an olive green BMW 635CSi, with a roof-mounted ski rack. Its amazing that the two rare sets of LEGO skis actually match the color and shape of the original die-cast toy purchased in '84 in southern Germany.

BMW 635CSi

Later Ralph listed off a bunch of sensible, practical European toy cars he had as a child and rediscovered recently. Its no wonder Ralph grew up to be a sensible, practical European! Among them was a Citroën CX in dark orange. And let me tell ya, building anything in LEGO dark orange is no easy feat. Its a pretty rare color with not a lot of variety of parts available.

Citroën CX 2000

Judging from the toy cars Lino Martins had as a youngin', it's no wonder he/me grew up to be a brash, impractical, environment hating, booze-swilling, foul-mouthed American. Propagating this notion further is this LEGO model based on the Frankenstein Double Demon Delivery rod from the Hot Wheels Classic Movie Monster series.

Hot Wheels Frankenstein Hot Rod

Canadians, are generally friendlier than us Americans. Nathan Proudlove is so friendly, he once had a very pleasant two hour long phone conversation with someone who dialed the wrong number. He also built a '57 Chevy trying to keep as close in size as the original Micro Machines toy…with only moderate success.

57 Chevy, micro machine style.

He later gave the same car a go again but this time a larger build, but still keeping the exaggerated, pudgy proportions indicative of the original Micro Machines toy. I'd say the second try was a smashing success!

57 Chevy Nomad Micro Machine

I suppose using the word "smashing" around LEGO models can make some folks uneasy. Just ask Australian LEGO certified professional, Ryan McNaught whose record-breaking giant helicopter model met an untimely fate in the hands of rowdy teenagers. Also Australian, and no stranger to substantial loss, is Peter Blackert with his Porsche Boxster Studie.

Porsche Boxster Studie (1992)

In case you just crawled out of a pile of smashed LEGO helicopter and didn't keep up with us all this time, Peter is an engineer for Ford. Seems Peter received a model of a Ford AU Falcon XR8 Sedan as a consolation prize for a contest he didn't win. He did later go on to design the actual car in real life…as well as this LEGO model. Who's the loser now?

Ford Falcon AU XR8 (1997)

For those of you keeping track at home, that loser is still probably Peter. He'd be way more famous if he instead designed this 1929 Bugatti Type-44 Fiacre Coupe. He'd also be like 120 years old. But everyone knows who designed the 1929 Bugatti, right? That being…um…uh...Count Lord Baron Von Dave Vaderstein III.

Bugatti Type-44 Fiacre Coupe (1929)

A long,long time ago, at a car show, far far away, apparently Peter was urged to purchase a set of three 'Limited Edition' Rolls-Royce Motor car models from a fast talking shiester. Turns out real Rolls-Royce Motor Cars were assembled in Springfield, Massachusetts back in the day. The car models apparently aren't of particularly good quality so said fast talking sheister might have been a Masshole.

Rolls-Royce Lledo Vintage Collection

From the Matchbox 'Models of Yesteryear' collection is this 1933 Cadillac 452C V16 Fire Engine. Apparently the real car this was modelled from served in the fire service in Switzerland all the way through to 1971.

Cadillac 1933 452C V16 Fire Engine (Matchbox - Models of Yesteryear)

Apparently in Australia, when you win the coveted "Build The Best Model Airplane" award, you get a model car for your troubles…and ironically not a model airplane. Peter was the lucky recipient of this 1974 Mazda RX3 GT Racing Type Coupe model, which he then rendered in LEGO for this challenge.

Mazda RX3 GT Racing Type (Fujimi)

Is that all of them? Seems it is. This made for a rather short roundup. if only four dudes participate is it still considered a sausage fest? Lets Google that together, shall we? Go ahead, I'll wait. Did you Google it? I did. I don't know about you, but I've found the answer to that question to be a resounding yes. Oh the evils mien eyes have seen! While I clear my internet search history you may want to build for our next challenge. Its called The Star Wars Awakens. You simply take the best movie franchise in the history of the world ever, build any terrestrial vehicle inspired by it, do it in the same month the new highly anticipated movie comes out and you have the makings for what we can only hope to be the best LUGNuts challenge in the history of the world ever! There's only been a couple of entries so far but clearly I have high hopes for this challenge. Let's see what we can do with it. No pressure. Its not like Santa and Baby Jesus are watching or anything. See ya next time.


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