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Blockbuster Mission Roundup!

What do you get when you create a sequel to the most popular and exciting challenge of all time, put the main hero in peril and add a legion of super spy agents to the mix? Well, just like Spiderman III, the turn out on this one wasn't as blockbuster as I had originally imagined...but the few vehicles built were pretty damned awesome! Lets check 'em out!

Ralph "Mad Physicist" Savelsberg never disappoints when he builds cars...or anything for that matter. This time he boiled up a stunning '71 Buick Riviera boat-tail...a pretty sexy car for being a product of the 70's. Agent Janus is in peril and who better to rescue the good agent than Ralph's version Agent Killinger? As Ralph says, "Agent Killinger, who owes his name to his love for suits, hats and Tommy guns. Oh, and to the fact that he's a highly skilled killer..." Now that's exciting!

Buick Riviera Boat-tail (1)

J0n4thn D3rk53n dismisses the fact that this is a sequel and mentions nothing about Agent Janus being in danger and does nothing with the legion of potentially exciting new agents named in the challenge. Instead he goes back to the original challenge and introduces Agent Janus all over again posed next to his generic European Luxury/ Sports car. Predictably his Janus is just like James Bond except his code name is 006, not 007. I presume 006 likes his drinks stirred, not shaken. See what I did there?

European Sports Car With 006

The challenge stated that you can include any other agent you see fit, so Steve "kwycstix" Walker adds the famous Vin Diesel of XXX fame with his iconic '65 GTO. You can tell that minifig there is Vin Diesel because he's bald and has a scowl...oh, and also he seems to have two tickets to the gun show!


Next Steve adds another made up agent...this time Agent Redd Neque and his modified Suburban. Heh, Redd Neque...thats funny! And check out his mullet. That reminds me, if you want to see lots or red necks, mullets, and outfits too shameful to mention, visit peopleofwalmart dotcom. Its totally hilarious!

Redd Neque's Suburban

Yanno, rescuing Agent Janus from certain death requires a backup communication team. This is why Steve built a disguised phone service truck to help the other agents find our missing hero. Included is Agent Andy Marcus (Agent AM) and Agent Fred McCorkin (Agent FM). AM/FM...Does this mean one likes rock and roll and popular music while the other likes talk radio and oldies?

Comm Team's phone truck

Next Steve whips up some much needed class to this joint with the ever sophisticated Agent Cooper (he's rich as evidenced by his top hat and tie) and his classy '75 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe. I bet he knows the correct placement of the salad fork when setting the dinner table.

Agent Cooper's 75 Eldorado Coupe

Remember that challenge "At The Races"? Well Steve surely does. He conjures up the sultry baddy, Lady Venom for his final entry. This time she's involved in the rescue effort for Agent Janus and is wearing an impossibly tight dress that overly accentuates her "muffin top". You kids look that up and get back to me.

Lady Venom's Speedster

Ed Bricks sort of relives the original Janus challenge all over again by presenting the Agent's undercover truck in the form of an 80's era TV truck. Its fitted with the latest gadgets, tracking devices, weaponry, remote control cameras and long range communications devices. Speaking of suped-up 80's era trucks, this kinda puts me in the mood to watch A-Team.

Undercover TV van.

Charger Hornet takes this challenge (and his photoshopping abilities) to a whole different level! Not only does he build a sweet 1973 Mercury Cougar, but he portrays it as an old postcard ad for a pilot episode show called "Agent Janus-MIA" featuring the quintessentially 80's looking undercover cop named ...wait for it...Flamer Johnson! Charger tells us that the show was pulled due to "high cost" and reruns of The Love Boat were aired instead. This could also be why this challenge was sort of sparse.

Mercury Cougar 1973 from "The Cougar"

Raphy tries out a new style he calls "City-Power Racers. truck has working 4-wheel drive and is driven by none other than Deep One himself. In the challenge he dispatches a legion of special agents, but in Raphy's world Deep One does the job himself. Which is a refreshing change from sitting around and slurping milkshakes at Command Central. Sounds like a dream job to me!

Speaking of dream job, Lino Martins toils over what was his (my) most difficult car to date...the Volkswagen Beetle. This little car intimidated me for as long as I've been building vehicles but I finally tackled it...and this one is tricked out with required equipment for any special ejector seat and a Brickarms arsenal in the trunk. Some of you might recognize my version of Agent Killinger from the Venture Bros. "My name is Henry Killinger, und zis is my magic murder bag."

Classic VW Beetle!

Wherever the kidnapped Agent Janus has been taken to, rest assured that Tim Inman will build an all terrain vehicle to handle any extreme environment. He chose Agent Thor as his rescuing agent and he goes nowhere without his suped-up 1972 Chevy C30 pickup called "Silverback" This truck features a winch, off-road lights, roll bar, monster V-8, hidden weapons, heavy duty suspension, oh and some custom fitted tank treads in place of tires. Bitchin'!

"Blockbuster Mission: Take 2"

Azaghal Gabilzaramul has the hardest name to type (besides that J0n4th4n guy) but builds cars and minifigs that are easy on the eyes. Here we see the sultry Agent Midnight in her sleeveless suit and tie. Its sort of what the big angry dad from American Chopper would wear if he had to go to a wedding. Even though Agent Midnight looks the same age as the other agents, legend has it she's been around since Christ was a kid. She bought her car new in 1954.

Agent Midnight

Here in the states, when you have an emergency, you dial 911 for help. When you have a challenge emergency and need to beef up an otherwise sparsely populated challenge, you call none other than Lego911. Here Peter saves the day at the last minute with multiple entries. First Agent Phoenix bursts into flaming action with his jet pack and fiery hot "Blue Devil" Camaro.

Next we learn that Agent Janus has a sister and her name is Zoe Claudette...or Agent Z for short. She drives a totally sweet 1953 Buick Super Convertible in dark blue. She lives and works in Cuba where her classic car wouldn't stand out so much...ecxept for its many hidden suped-up special agent features.

Agent Z and her 1953 Buick Super Convertible

Next we meet Agent Veridian in his Rapid Deployment 7-seater Ford Territory Turbo SUV...for an Agent Squad in a hurry and when you absolutely, positively gotta get seven people there in no time. There's also plenty of room for all their weapons in the trunk. And plenty of cup holders!

Agent Veridian and his Ford Territory Turbo SUV

Peter then presents probationary Agent Natasha. Ah, I remember her! A step up in power and poise from her previos smart car, this very special engined Fiesta Zetec-S is just what this fast-girl-about-town needs to get from A to B in deadly style. I Hope she finds and rescues Agent Janus!

But if Natasha doesn't save the day, this tag team effort will. What turned out to be the most popular agent in this challenge...Agent Killinger teams up with Agent Beast in their heavy duty deep-communications Landrover Defender (in Millitary Ambulance disguise). The back unfolds to reveal a giant radar tracking device.

Agents Killinger and Beast with there African jungle spec Landrover deep-communications truck

Every secret agent saga needs bad guys and lego911 delivers baddy Kilingrad Karl in his sweet 1955 Buick Century. He's from the East Russian Mafia as evidenced by his fur hat and is in Cuba hell bent on capturing Agent Janus and his sister Zoe. Oh no!

In the challenge, I wrote that Agent Janus was captured, hurt, and blinded hanging upside-down in a moving truck. I wrote that it smelled bad but even I didn't know the nature of the truck. Well leave to to Lego911 to show us the truck that is transporting the good agent and illustrates in no unclear terms where the smell is coming from. It turns out its a cleverly built zoo animal transport truck complete with a giraffe and an elephant. Now that's a stinky situation!

Where is Agent Janus?

But last but not least, Agent Nero races to the situation at neck breaking speed in his special Ford Mustang GT. I presume the fallen Agent Janus will be in good competent hands once Nero saves the day! This sweet GT is a fitting wrap to a rather cool challenge. Thanks everyone who participated!

So lets see what happens in this month's exciting new challenge called "The Animal Kingdom". Anything goes, whether you build a Chevy Impala or a Ford Pinto, we take inspiration from our furred and feathered animal friends. Its already shaping up to be a pretty interesting challenge so lets see how it all unfolds. I'm pretty sure we can all come up with some pretty stunning animal inspired creations!


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