Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Galaxie of Possibilities Round Up

For this challenge, I proposed we all build only '66 Ford Galaxies. It was the first of its kind and while it wasn't the most popular challenge ever, the few entries we had were pretty stellar. Lets see how we all did, shall we?

It's only fitting that the quickest entry is also undoubtedly the fastest car of the whole bunch. JOn4th4n D3rk53n starts us off with this neat little Galaxie that opens just like a funny car. Also like a funny car, it has realistic tub wheels, roll cage, a parachute, and an outsized blown engine. Now that's fast!

66' Ford Galaxie Funny Car

You youngins gather 'round. Uncle Lino has got a quick lesson on the birds and the bees. You see, when a boy grown up and a girl grown up loves each other very much, they sometimes like to make babies in the back of a '66 Ford Galaxie. It was voted as having the roomiest back seat of any other car so it only makes sense that this was a fave vehicle for such activity. Dohoon Kim shows us that if families are made in a Galaxie, it's only fitting the entire family gets lugged around in it too.

66' ford galaxie

Tim "Gambort" Gould takes the old family car and gives it a sportier look with this sleek and sunny yellow entry. Not so sleek is the minifig that goes with it. While you can't see his face, Tim tells us that the character is none other than Joe Vig...the clumsy, accident prone character that was a major Lego phenomenon a few years back. Here we see him causing calamity with oil and water. Anyway, the Galaxie is pretty sweet with some pretty advanced build techniques.

'66 Ford Galaxie

Who can forget Santa and his sexy Russian mail order bride Natasha Claus from last December's All But Four challenge? Well this year, Lino Martins brings back the festive pair but this time they sport a new Christmas themed '66 Galaxie. Dark red and dark green gives it a holiday feel but with a slightly more grown up, sophisticated look. White interior and gold grille and rims tie the holiday theme together and light bricks illuminate the engine compartment. Remove the top, and we can clearly see all the gifts crammed in that aforementioned roomy back seat.

A Galaxie of Holiday Cheer!

Keeping to his usual tiny turbos scale, Raphy doesn't disappoint with this demure little white Galaxie lowrider. Made in tricky 5-wide, the car is accurate front and back...and the binocular piece turned sideways is most certainly the best solution for stacked headlights in a scale this small. Cool!

Ralph Savelsberg finds time from being a Mad Physicist to squeeze in this entry, a classic Galaxie convertible in yellow. Its lines and lean forward aggressive stance is spot on. He tells us it was a struggle to make it interesting but with its clever construction, slick mirrors and door handles and all around panache, I think Ralph pulled it off.

1966 Ford Galaxie (1) might be wondering, how does a completely unknown new guy like Karwick come along and build one of the most stunning small scale Galaxies anyone has ever seen? The curve of the windshield, the mirrors, door handles and headlights are all the mark of a seasoned builder, yet Karwick has only surfaced on flickr a few weeks ago. Well, I hope I'm not revealing any secrets here, but he also goes by V1...or the ever famous Noddy, whom we all cite as inspiration to our own work. Welcome to LUGNuts, my man...its about time you showed up to the party!

Ever wonder what a "murdered out" '66 Galaxie looks like? Well, rest your pretty little heads over it because Nathan Proudlove defines the "murdered out" look with this stunning black on black on black entry. Nathan tells us he didn't have time to completely deck out the details, which makes us wonder what it could have been. Still, he has captured the shape of the Galaxie very well. Here's to Murdered out vehicles!


Leave it to Lego911 to flesh out an otherwise sparse build challenge rather nicely with multiple entries just before the deadline. Here we see a very stock white model with working Vee-engine and suspension. he fills the plush red interior with a gaggle of fun loving minifig gals.

Ford Galaxie 7-Litre Coupe 1966

Next 911 takes a walk on the wild side with this very neat Galaxie convertible. he does a great job pulling off an unusual color configuration with brown, white, dark blue...and check out them awesome light blue flames. This Galaxie would be right at home at a custom car show.

Ford Galaxie 1966 Convertible (Modified)

This business of building one car and one car only has some steep limitations...but amongst the limitations there is still variety to be had. When I wrote this challenge, I secretly hoped someone would pull off a Galaxie wagon and Peter doesn't disappoint with this stunning red Country Squire wagon and horse trailer. He scores mucho extra points for the fake wood panelling!

The other thing I secretly hoped someone would build is a Galaxie Police vehicle. The challenge write up even suggested you can do that. This month Peter must have been tuned in to my brainwaves as he finishes off this challenge with a Ford Galaxie 1966 Police Interceptor Sedan. Onil...who bears my resemblance and is Lino backwards, is the dangerous criminal captive seated in the back. Yanno, in spite of my thuggish looks, I've never been in the back of a police cruiser. Maybe I'm just not trying hard enough. ;)

Ford Galaxie 1966 Police Interceptor

Well, this challenge was all about seeing what we can do with strict limitations and even though we all had to build the same car, I'm happy to see there were many different solutions to the same problem. There aren't a lot of entries here but the ones we have are great. So how do we follow up a decidedly unpopular challenge? You take the most popular challenge ever known and slam everyone with its blockbuster sequel! Once again we are in the exciting world of spies and secret agents. Agent Janus is in peril and needs your help. A new legion of special agents were introduced to up the ante so lets see how things come along in our new challenge called Blockbuster Mission! Thanks for reading!