Friday, November 21, 2008

Model Gal's Modeling Skills

Nathan has given me the invite to help run this blog so I can do posts of my own and help out when my assistance is needed. My HTML skills are shoddy at best so I hope this will turn out ok...but my first order of business is to call attention away from my lack of HTML skills and to highlight someone with mad skills with the Lego brick. Mariann Asanuma (Model Gal) has produced a truck that is not only completely LUGNuts worthy, but check out the SNOT mosaic lettering! No wonder she has been a Master Modeler. Anyone lucky enough to visit LEGOLAND California can see this great model...and plenty of others by Mariann in person. Model Gal, we salute you!

Dreyer's Side

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Wow, i must say this truck looks great. At first I was confused because the truck did not look like it is made of Lego bricks. Nice!