Sunday, November 2, 2008

Year in Review Roundup

Welcome to the show ladies and gentlemen! We have a truly awe-inspiring assortment of entries for this month's challenge titled, "A Year in Review." You all came out in a big way for this one to celebrate the first anniversary of LUGNuts, the world's premier Lego Car Club

Azaghal Gabilzaramul brings us a vehicle fit for any Extraordinary gentleman.
LXG - The Nemomobile

Dylan Denton brings us a 4-wide Doppelganger

a '92 Volkswagen Corrado

and Ol' Scarlett.
Hot Rod "Ol' Scarlet"

Rabidnovaracer modifies the official Lego Beetle set. A touring version
Modified 10187
and an off-road version.
10187 Baja Bug
Plus a Death Race Dodge Ram
Machine-gun Joe's Dodge Ram
and a Dodge Challenger SRT-10 concept.

Finally, "Split Personality" a dual V8 Rat Rod.
"Split Personality" Rat Rod

Aaron Dayman has five entries for this challenge. The first is a Heroes and Villains entry, the Punisher's battle van.

then the Tangergreen Machine.
SLUG Meeting TangerGreen Machine1
a Lime Green Machine

and a pair of "Night and Day" hotrods.

Apple Pie 's buggy rod

and a killer Ratrod.

Lego911 doesn't disappoint with a slew of miniland vehicles. The first is a model of a toy "Smash Up Derby Beetle"
Smash Up Derby Beetle
Then another, slightly even more famouser beetle. Herbie the Love Bug.
VW Beetle Herbie
An 8-ball mini for the "Rack 'em Up" Challenge.
New Mini 8-Ball
A '49 Ford Spinner Convertible.
Ford 1949 Spinner Convertible
Another Ford, this time a GT40

A Citroen DS convertible.

Then Mr. Bond's Aston Martin DB5

and a Ferrari 365 GTB Dayton Berlinetta.

Finally a DeSoto Boat-tail speedster.

and an LDD 1955 Packard Caribbean
1955 Packard Caribbean

Ralph S. builds Sonny Crockett's Ferrari from Miami Vice.

Lino's Lil' Rat Rod
Lil' Rat Rod

and Sgt. Ballbreaker!
LUGNuts "A Year In Review" build challenge entry...Sgt. Ballbreaker!

Model Gal has a stunning Halloween Hearse.
Halloween Hearse 2

Charger Hornet's Peterbilt race truck
Peterbilt 358 GATR race truck

and a '69 Olds' Toronado
Oldsmobile Toronado 1969

Country Photo (UK) gives a Ferrari a paint job.

Newcomer Nonlnet's crazy bus.
Go Miniman Go And Say YEAH!

Ley Ward "Whateverly"'s "Full Tilt," a Colour Me Strange entry.
Full Tilt

Yours truly manages a last minute "Claim to Fame" entry. A '33 Ford 3-window coupe named, "Eliminator, " from Texas rock band ZZ Top infamy.

That's about it for now. I was happy to see every challenge from the year represented here. You all rock! It's true, you do. So what does year 2 of LUGNuts hold? Many fun and exciting challenges, I assure you. Lino and I are tirelessly working at new ways to expand and improve on our club. 'Til next month.



Lino said...

Oh wow...every challenge of the year represented?! That's very cool...and a wide assortment of builders too. Awesome job everyone!

Apple Pie said...

oh yea!!! go killer ratrod!