Friday, October 27, 2017

Extreme Terrain Adventures...Roundup

You know how we always say we have a little challenge we like to call this and that? The irony was in the word "little" as usually the challenges had a pretty good turn out and there was nothing little about them. Its like ironically calling a big guy "Tiny". Well this time we mean what we say when we have a little challenge we like to call Extreme Terrain Adventures. The irony is, when writing the challenge, I had envisioned an extreme challenge rife with rock climbing Broncos, jet skiing Priuses and rocket powered desert racers. Also explosions. And boobies. Pretty extreme, right? Well instead we got four entries, all by Peter. The challenge with some extreme potential turned out to be the least popular challenge in all of LUGNuts history. What can I say? Not even I could be bothered to build something for this challenge. Instead I preemptively built something for next month during this month, posted it on the first day of next month and everyone was like...whoa, you did all that in one day? So grab yourself a stiff drink, but only a shot and don't kick back and relax or nothing. As the proctologist always says, this will all be over soon.

Perhaps no truck has gone through more abuse on Top Gear than the Toyota Hilux as built by Peter Blackert They drowned one in the English Channel, set it on fire and set it atop a tall building which they proceeded to demolish and it still started. I believe it was a red Hilux like this that they sent to the North Pole. Now that's extreme!

Unbreakable Toyota Hilux - TopGear

Peter could have stopped there and I would have been through with my shot of Woodford Reserve already and writing this roundup would be a distant memory by now. But he went on to present the Landrover DC100 Evolution. It has gullwing doors, ya'll!

Landrover DC100

Peter tells us he's not so into these kind of cars himself, but the custom Ford Bronco V8 has huge wheels and tires, lift kits, winches, weight reduction, roll-over protection, locking axles, and all other equipment that helps you not get stuck in the wilderness. The one drawback, this thing suffers when on normal roads.

Custom Ford Bronco Gen I

Way back in challenge number 77, I made up some bs I can't remember about the Ralston Rhino and Peter, being Peter, still runs with it years later. Here's a Ralston Rhino Mk-I 8R-B39 Closed Coupe Staff Car Half Track which would have been used in Finland in the 40's during the big-ass war.

Ralston Rhino Mk I 8R-B39 Coupe Staff Car

Is that all of them? Seems it is. Told ya this will all be over soon and unlike a visit to the proctologist's office, no one had to wear a glove and there were far fewer Polish jokes. So what does the future hold for this little blog then? In terms of roundups, not much else. We've got our final challenge coming up. Its our 120th and our 10 Anniversary challenge. We like to call it "Happy 10th Anniversary, LUGNuts!" We were out of creative names like 26 challenges ago. Hopefully we can send the LUGNuts challenges off with a bang so, for the love of all that is holy, build something for it, will ya? Until then I'll goad ya to leave unrelated comments about your surefire insurance scheme or gardening supplies you'd like to sell us. Go ahead, leave those comments. We're all ears. I dare ya. I double dog dare ya!


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