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Summer Of '69 Roundup

It was before my time, but the 1960’s were a tumultuous time of great political change, social revolution...and bra-burning. Yep. Women burned their bras as an act of independence and liberation from their male oppressors and us male oppressors couldn't agree more! Burn those torturous bras and let the twins hang free! Wooo-hooo! Wait, who were these male oppressors anyway? Were there actually guys in some board room somewhere stating that women's breasts needed to be bound at all times? Were they nuts? I would welcome any lady who wants to shed their undergarments...and hang around my place for a few cocktails. Maybe watch some braless movies from the 60's and 70's. And if jumping jacks on a trampoline just happen to spontaneously occur, then who am I to complain, really? Think about that, won't you? And while you're thinking about it, we have a collection of LEGO cars for you to feast your eyes on. They were built by our happy little car group for a challenge we like to call Summer of '69...all about 60's era cars. How did we do? Well, sit back, relax, unclasp your bra, and check out our entries here.

Jonathan Derksen starts us off with a boat of a car, the 1968 Chrysler New Yorker, inspired by Mad Men. Cool car, but unfortunately I've never seen the show. Were they called Mad Men cuz they were on the board that said women needed bras? I'm so glad I was able to slip a bra joke in so early after the intro. Usually you gotta wait like five entries in but not this time.

B 1968 Chrysler New Yorker 003

Next Aaden H doles out a titillating 1966 Shelby G.T. 350 in red with white rally stripes. Not only is it totally balls out awesome, but he listed all the builders who helped inspire this car. Kudos to you, Aaden!

1966 Shelby G.T. 350

You know who's a real doctor? certainly not Dr. Phil, Dr. Dre or DoktorZapp. But if our resident doctor can't perform a mammogram to save his life, he sure knows his way around an overly ornamented Vaspa scooter like the mods of England tooled around in in the 60's. It has no less than 120 headlights. Far out, man!

Mod-style Vespa

The Bing-Bong Brothers get in on a technicality with this 1972 Porsche 911 STR. While built in 1972, the Bing-Bongs tell us the Porshe's style went virtually unchanged since the 60's. So they (Maybe even he/she or it) could have just said it was from the 60's and no one would have known the difference.

Urban Outlaw 72 911 STR this happening already? It is, isn't it? Ok, get yourselves comfortable. get yourself come cheese and crackers. Maybe a glass of wine. Its the start of Peter Blackert's long run starting with his own personal ride throughout the 90's...a 1965 Renault 16. What some commenters thought was a stereotypical Frenchman with a striped shirt and baguette was actually Peter himself in apparently the only shirt he has ever owned...a striped rugby type polo.

Renault 16 - 1965

Did you know I have a phobia of Polo shirts? Yep, I do, and I've read online that I'm not the only one. Its called Koumpounophobia...fear of buttons, but mine is specific to polos or henleys but not dress shirts or bowling shirts. This form of the phobia is somewhat common. Pretty weird, huh? But I have no fear of this sweet pair of 1961 Dodge Polaras...Hardtop and Convertible models with their lovely...also models posed next to them.

Dodge Polara Hardtop - 1961

Dodge Polara Convertible - 1961

Onto a subject close to Peter's heart, the 1960 Ford XK Falcon Deluxe Sedan and Wagon. You see, Peter is an engineer for Ford Australia, the Falcon is arguably the most revered and important Australian vehicle out there, and Ford Australia announced that they will stop production of the Falcon by 2016. My heart goes out to you, mate. Even if you do wear polo shirts.

Ford Falcon Deluxe Sedan - XK 1960

Ford Falcon Deluxe Station Wagon - XK 1960 - Go'n Surfing

Next on the Peter slab is the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTC 105-Series Cabriolet accompanied by a lovely lass in a pink swimsuit. Ah, what a cutie. She could even make my dad's rusted out Dodge Aries K wagon look good!

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTC 105-Series Cabriolet

Nope, I just googled it and absolutely no one looks good next to an Aries K wagon. Care to garner some fame? I challenge you all to be the first on the internet to photoshop a sexy model next to an Aries K. I say photoshop cuz it'll never happen in real life, obviously. Trust me, it has never been done. Be sure to show it to me and I'll fave it or something. In the meantime enjoy Peter's'64 Ford Falcon 2-Door Hardtop - XM.

Ford Falcon Deluxe Two Door Hardtop - XM 1964

Ah cripes, there still like a bazillion entries for Peter. Ok, starting with this Caddy Coupe DeVille, I'll write only the punchlines. This was popular before. Here goes: Is the poop deck really what I think it is?

Cadillac 1965 Coupe DeVille

As smooth as a swede's bottom!

Lamborghini 350GT

It says here on your resume, Mr. Cheney, that you shot your 80 year old friend in the face.

Chevrolet 1965 Corvair Corsa Convertible

Father teaches his son how to fly into rage over completely inconsequential bullcrap.

Chevrolet 1965 Corvair Corsa Two-door Hardtop

And he says to the waitress...but you deep throated a hot dog in front of me. What the hell was I supposed to think?

Chrysler Turbine Car - 1963

Not so much a bellwether of the failed economy, but a bellwether of the fact that I dipped my wang in the butterscotch.

Ford Escort Mk I - Rally 1969

If I had a lawn, I'd tell you midgets to get the hell off of it.

Mercedes-Benz 600 Limousine - 1963-81

Shotgun blast to abdomen just pisses Wilfred Brimley off more.

Nissan Silvia (CSP311)

Masochist dog enjoys being walked around on a leash while naked.

Pininfarina Chevrolet Corvette Rondine 1963

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade... then try to find someone whose life had given them vodka and have one hell of a party.

Oldsmobile Toronado

Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours.

Chevrolet Camaro 1969 Indianapolis Pace Car

The weather is here. Wish you were beautiful.

'Kandy-apple' - 1964 Chevrolet Impala Four-door Hardtop Lowrider

And that is how I got my head out of a peanut butter jar. How I got it stuck in there in the first place I have no idea.

Renault 4L

A swift kick to his throbbing manhood ought to keep the insurance agent at bay.

Classic 1966 Batmobile

Adam was a Canadian. Who else would stand beside a naked woman and be tempted by a fruit?

Cadillac 1960 Eldorado Biarritz Convertible

Puerto Rico is the Caribbean's number one exporter of apparel, rum, and noise complaints.

Cadillac 1960 Eldorado Seville Hardtop

Kangaroos hate rainy days because their children play inside.

Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Berlinetta

I take my coffee like I take my women... alone and in front of the computer.

Ferrari 275 GTB/C Berlinetta

The theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are made entirely by lost luggage.

Ferrari 275 GTB/C Berlinetta

A child's face can say a lot... especially the mouth part of the face.

Holden 1968 Monaro HK Coupe

Is that all of them? Yep I think it is...ok, moving right along then. Ralph Savelsberg chimes in with his first entry, Eleanor, the 1967 Shelby GT500 from Gone in 60 Seconds. One time I walked by a bunch of unattended pies and ate them. They were gone in 60 seconds. I was wondering why so many people were cheering. Turns out I had unwittingly stumbled into a pie eating contest and didn't even know I had won.


No stranger to pie eating is Inspector Morse in Ralph's second entry. Actually I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. I've never seen or heard of the show so I don't know if he eats pies or not. Cool 1960 Jaguar Mk II though.

Inspector Morse Jaguar Mk II (1)

Isaac W. has a little Dodge Fever with this 1969 Dodge Polara California Highway Patrol vehicle. Isaac tells us it was more muscle car than a lot of muscle cars were in those days. Plus, as the old saying goes, nothing outruns a radio. So true, true.

1969 Dodge Polara CHP (Lights)

Raphy tells us he almost entirely forgot to post this '65 Mustang. Good thing he did. Otherwise the entire universe could implode due to the Butterfly Effect. You know what that is, right? Someone kills a butterfly in China and next thing you know Howie Mandel is stuck in a Texas well.

1965 Ford Mustang

No stranger to getting stuck in wells is Lino Martins. I didn't spend all that much time building this LEGO replica of Carl Casper's Popcorn Wagon, nor did I use many tricky build techniques. Yet it has become within your top 5 faved images of mine of all time. There's an unfair lesson in there somewhere about not trying hard but still coming out on top.

Popcorn Wagon

SamBoRG tries hard with his 1967 Ford Falcon XR Panel Van. The result is like mashed potatoes...white, lumpy and would taste a hell of a lot better with some butter. Nah, actually its a pretty cool MOC. It really could use some butter though. Maybe some bacon bits too.

1967 Ford Falcon XR Panel Van

NKubate does what he does best...building alternate models to official LEGO sets. F'instance if you're already bored with the totally awesome 42000 F1 racer set, you can mod it into this totally awesome Street Rod.

42000 Rod open

And his second entry is an alternate mod for his all-time favorite Creator set 5867. Oh, by the way, No Starch Press sent me a copy of his Amazing Vehicles Volume 1 book to review with the promise that I would get off my ass and actually review it. Yep. So be on the lookout for my review as soon as I get off my ass.

5867 Hot Rod

Rolands Kirpis gets off his ass and builds us something to really enjoy the summer - a '67 VW dune buggy. Neat! Although on second thought most LEGO building, and book reviewing for that matter, is done while firmly planted on one's ass. So I'll review the book as soon as I get off my ass...and then back onto it.

'67 VW dune buggy

I've never said ass so many times in one entry. Last but not least is LegoNoitallMOCs who rounds out the ass end of this roundup with this 1969 Chevy Camaro. He tells us this is part of a MOC-off with Peter Blackert. I see one entry to Peter's like 30. One thing you never want to do is get into a MOC-off with Peter. You will be humiliated like that masochistic dog who likes to be paraded around on a leash while naked.

'69 Chevy Camaro Z/28

And on that bombshell we end out roundup. How'd that go down for ya? For me it was smooth with a creamy aftertaste but I realize now is giving me a bit of indigestion. Maybe I should have left the pies well enough alone. What can I say...I can't resist a good lemon meringue. I also can't resist a chance to redo an old MOC from my shameful, dirty, sinful past. You too can make the universe right by joining us for this month's challenge called Redo and Redemption. The rules are simple. Redo an old car, truck, or bike. Make it better. And provide a link to your shameful, laughable, stupid old MOC that inspired it. Then begin the forgiveness and the healing. Its like Alcoholics Anonymous except without all the donuts and group hugs. Although I'm not opposed to either. Actually donuts and group hugs sounds like fun. Just don't get any powdered sugar on my new shirt. OK? OK. See ya next time, hug buddies!

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