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LUGNuts Is Four years Old Roundup

Everyone shut your goddamned puke holes for a minute! Not that any of you were talking. Or puking. I just always wanted to start a roundup like that. Now that I have, welcome to our four year birthday roundup. As always we could pick from any challenge throughout the year and even way back in LUGNuts history and build accordingly. The birthday challenges are always a crowd favorite but this one was unique in the sense that there are more entries submitted after the deadline than before it. I guess everyone was on rock and roll time...which could explain all the aforementioned vomiting...yanno, being rock stars and all. Anyway, lets get ready to rock!

 Rolic was our opener with this stunning pair of first and fourth generation Pontiacs for the "Two Of A Kind Challenge". Actually they were originally posted at the tail end of the last challenge but as Rolic was on rock and roll time, he missed out on getting a clever write up. Makes since considering he actually is a musician...but he sings in a nice choir for his church so I don't think they trash hotel rooms and set their guitars on fire.

Pontiac GTO family picture

 Rolic comes back later with an encore performance but this time in a form of a lovely blue BMW Hydrogen 7 thereby honoring three challenges at once..."Autos Aus Deutschland", "Millennium Marvels" and "Alternate Fuels". It would be totally punk rock if his choir trashed hotel rooms occasionally and maybe propositioned prostitutes from time to time. Just sayin'.

BMW Hydrogen 7

 No stranger to trashing hotel rooms (probably) is jmaokoen with his little Lotus 49B for the challenge called "Everything Under The Sun". At first I thought he was showing some versatility as its long body and huge spoiler makes it appear to be an oldschool drag racer but upon further review he has built yet again a Formula One racer. What can ya say, the kid is a one trick pony!

Lotus 49B

 Much later in the challenge, jmaokoen returns with some slight variation to his one trick with the Lotus 49B, 56B, 63, and 72 in Gold Leaf livery for "Two of A Kind" times two. That's four of a kind...or two squared. Right? I don't know, math was never my strong suit. Neat looking slot race track, though.

Gold Leaf Lotus

Oldeconoline has at least a couple tricks up his sleeve, this time in the form of an English twin motorbike with sidecar. He was trying to replicate Hagrid's bike from the Harry Potter series and a quick Google search proves he has done alright with it.

English twin motorcycle 

Ace chimes in with a surprisingly well detailed little Sipil TT two-seater in white, orange and black. I like the fenders and the spoiler. You want another spoiler? It turns out Bruce Willis was dead the whole time in The Sixth Sense. Did I spoil that for you already in another roundup? There's only so many big movie surprises I know.

Sipil TT

 One of the most iconic vehicles in the history of the world ever is the old Volkswagen T1 microbus. Jason Son shows us what happens when you take that beloved icon and give it a classic hot rod look. Chopped and lowered and painted in rat rod matte black and grey with a thin pinstripe, this van sports oldschool hot rod red rims undoubtedly from the new Cars Francesco set. Red rims...the best thing LEGO has done for hot rod builders in a long time.


 You know that book "A Tale of Two Cities"? Well this is a tale of Two Builders. Ralph Savelsberg also had the iconic T1 on the brain but typical to what Ralph does, he goes classically bog standard on this one. This is an updated remake of a model he built six years ago that predates LUGNuts. See, this just shows we were all Lugnuts before we were ever LUGNuts. Makes sense?

VW Samba van (2)

Legogil takes an adventure and goes way back in time...back to '09 with an entry for "Zombie Killfest '09". It was a more innocent time back then...back when zombies didn't have their own series on AMC and you could kill them with spike-laiden, flame throwing supercars from Mad Max. Ahhh, good times, indeed!

Zombie killer

 Bad Furday is forever and always having...a bad fur day. But he has taken time out to build this neat little 1991 Footwork Porsche F1 racer for the "Autos Aus Deutschland" challenge. Nice presentation on that slick red reflective surface...although I suppose nowadays it could have been just a slick photoshop trick. Either way...pretty cool.

1991 Footwork Porsche

 Bad Furday chimes in again with one of my personal favorite entries...this electric bumper car for the "Alternate Fuels" challenge. I hold a special place in my heart for a vehicle that bends the rules intelligently and this one fits that bill nicely. If only automobile accidents were always this much fun.

Bumper Car

 Then Furday comes back later for an encore performance with this 2011 Morgan 3-Wheeler for the "Everything Under The Sun" Challenge. This car would have made those long, awkward father-son road trip talks a lot more fun. You know the ones...if you had learned to wipe like a real man instead of like your mother you'd opt to be an engineer instead of going to art school. Anyway...

New 2011 Morgan 3 Wheeler

Some of us can surf, some can play guitar...NK DeSign-er builds really cool alternate models for official LEGO sets. Its just what he does. In this case he builds us a tow truck for the really ancient challenge #9 called "Haulin' Ass". He tells us its nice to be able to build once a year for challenges that dates before he has even heard of this place. I agree.


 He weighs in later with an alternate model once again for set #5867 Super Speedster...this one a Motorbike/ chopper. He says to be gentle on him as it was his first moto but I see no problem with his work. he also says to tell him when we get tired of his alternate models of official sets but I think we never will tire of this.

motorbike right

 Lego Junkie also has zombies on his brrraaaaaains with this apocalyptic rig for "Zombie Killfest '09" There is just something fun about zombie killin'. They're already dead so blasting their heads off with a shotgun seems OK somehow. Funny I type, I am wearing a shirt that has a skull on it and says "I club zombies" except the club is that club symbol from the deck of cards. Actually I've never clubbed a zombie in real life but I have shot my brother in the face with a rubber band. Does that count?

The Renegades Fury.

 Dohoon Kim has the "Millennium Marvels" challenge on his delicious gooey brrrrraaaaains with this rugged little Land Rover Bowler Wildcat in yellow. Oh that reminds me, when playing Left 4 Dead 2 Boomers are best killed from a distance, not up close. One time, I was mowing down this horde of zombies with a chainsaw then blindly plowed through his fat belly with it. He exploded puke and bile and I was runnin' blind for like a minute, chasing my own teammates with the chainsaw. Hilarity ensued!

Bowler Wildcat

 Felipe Descomplicado goes all "Autos Aus Deutschland" on our asses with not one, but two four axle German trucks. One is a Mercedes, the other a Man and together they are working to lug a huge industrial generator to...uh...wherever huge industrial generators are needed. Like a 5 year old's birthday party or a library. Probably.

Oversized Load - Push Pull combo

Jonathan Derksen makes ugly look so good. Nothing good has ever come out of the 80's, and let's admit the 1980 VW T3 has all the lukewarm design aspects and conservative styling indicative of that decade. But Jonathan painstakingly captures the vehicle so well and even accurately captures a feel for a decade he has never been a part of. The Huxtables would have been thrilled to lug all the kids around in this.

1980 VW T3

 Tim Inman takes a break from building Chevys to show some love for the BMW Z3 M Coupe. He tells us that the rather feminine roadster is testosterone injected with flared fenders and quad exhaust tips. Yeah, I know when I want to get all macho I show off my flared fenders and quad exhaust tips.

BMW Z3 M Coupe

 It was only a matter of time before the most badass truck builder on the planet builds the most badass truck ever. Bricksonwheels takes on Optimus prime in all its stunning blue and red flaming glory. As it runs on Energon, this Autobot joins the ranks of the "Alternate Fuels" challenge. it doesn't transform but we can forgive that because it runs on power functions and just look at all that dazzling chrome!

Optimus Prime in Lego

 According to Christophbrill and his son Hans, nothing says "Two Of A Kind" and "Everything Under The Sun" like an Outrunner from the game Borderlands and a 1908 Renault AX. Yeah. Normally they would go together like fried chicken and jumping jacks but the dynamic duo seems to make a pretty good pair out of such dissimilar vehicles.


 What happens when you pit Lino Martins in a blood thirsty Iron Builder battle arena against some Scottsman with a caffeine addiction? You get a pretty little custom '55 Ford F-100 called Amazon Jade. Duh, that outcome should have been obvious! But what was a little freaky-deaky about that is I built it for a challenge called "The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of". Not on the list. A future challenge maybe? Is this some sort of weird time travel thing? How can this happen? For the love of God, can someone please explain what is going on here? Stay tuned to find out. ;)

1955 Ford F-100...Amazon Jade

 Oh boy! Everyone kick back. Grab a hot cup of coffee. Maybe spike it with a little Baileys. Maybe make yourself a nice plate of cheese and crackers with some pepperoni slices...and apples with some honey and yogurt. Maybe throw some granola in there for texture and flavor. I don't know, cripes, what do I got to make all your decisions for you?! My point is, this Chevrolet Corvette C6 Convertible is the start of a loooong string of late entries by the ever prolific Lego911. So make yourself comfortable.

Chevrolet Corvette C6 Convertible

Are you comfortable yet? The Mercedes-Benz W136 170 V Limousine burns wood and gas so it fits right in the "Alternate Fuels" challenge and "Autos Aus Deutschland". When I was a kid I thought my head would fit neatly between two iron bars in a fence. As all the EMT guys can attest, it turns out it did.

Mercedes-Benz W136 170V Limousine - 4 Door 1936 - 1942 Wood-gas burner

 Next on the 911 slab is this 2011 Ford FG II Falcon XR6 ECOLPi Sedan built for the "Alternate Fuels" challenge at it runs on Liquid Phase Injection LPG. I have no idea what any of that means but thank God for copy/paste! Its a lot of technical writing I don't have to do thanks to 911 doing it for me.

Ford Falcon FG II XR6 EcoLPi - 2011

Its no surprise that the real life engineer for Ford would go way back in Ford history with this 1911 Ford Model-T two built "For The Ladies" and for "Alternate Fuels" as this "Tin Lizzie" can run on ethyl alcohol and kerosene, to suit the fuel availability in rural American communities, and to be run from farm produced biofuels. Neat!

Ford Model T - 1911- 2-Door Tourer

So next, this maestro of the Ford automobile constructs this...1955 Buick and a decidedly cool one at that. The matching surf board denotes "Two of a Kind" and the Barbie looking figure is "For The Ladies" and, as it turns out, really is Barbie from the movie "Barbie A Mermaid Tale". I don't know how that movie never made my Netflix list.

1955 Buick Century Convertible, Surfer with Surfboard

 Next 911 kills three birds with one stone (gross!) with this Octan Racing Team MAN tractor and trailer...the three birds being "Octan Racing", "Autos Aus Deutschland" and "Two of a Kind". I wonder how that old expression came about.

Octans Race Team MAN Tractor and Trailer

 Speaking of old expressions of dubious and possibly sinister meaning, Peter shows that there is more than one way to skin a cat with this cool custom Fast Gassin' rig from the 2009 Hot Wheels line. You see, Peter wanted to build "By Random Appointment" and I demanded something well outside his already formidable comfort zones. I'd say he pulled it off nicely.

Fast Gassin'

 Another thing he pulled off nicely is this Remote controlled Octan Racing Ultimate RC Drift Volkswagen Microbus Kombi. Holy crap, I wish I can take the controls of this thing just to see what it'll do! I just want to hug it and squeeze it and call it George! Then drive it down a flight of stairs. Can I pleaze? I can haz Kombi?

Octan Ultimate RC Drift Kombi

 Dark red Ramone isn't without his charms either. It was built for the "Cars, Too" challenge as it looks like it came from Cars Two. Yeah I know you foreign born English as a second language LUGNutters out there just have a field day trying to understand those homonyms. "Their", "they're" and "there" are a real hoot.

Dark Red Ramone - Disney / Pixar 'Cars' Movie Character

 Is that it for Peter? That wasn't so bad after all. LegoExotics conjures up a neat duo of exotic racers that fit in a myriad of challenges including: "Night and Day", "Two of a Kind","Color Me Strange","Millenium Marvels","Lemons or Le Mans","Autos aus Deutschland", "Everything under the Sun" and "Alternative Fuels". That's like a bird slaughterhouse! They're both beautiful cars though.

SJS C 02-11 Coupé & Audi R 15+ TDI Le Mans Prototypes

 Raphy is a man of few words these days. What's with that, kiddo?! He gets all silent and Clint Eastwood-y on us and quietly posts this little yellow racer as if to say...I know what you're thinking. Did I fire six shots or only five? In all of this excitement I seemed to have forgotten myself. So, do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya? Do ya!?


 TechnicFenix13 must have been feeling pretty lucky. First he pulls through with a Randon Appointment request. I demanded the Apollo 13 Lunar Rover and he pulled through with flying colors...or should I say muted colors in gray and black? But still very nice. Houston, we have a rover!

moon rover

 Then later he gets a little more colorful and springs for a duo of dynamic hard working trucks for "Two of a Kind" and the current challenge "On the Job". Both are working flatbeds and I suspect one is a slightly modified set. Still pretty cool idea though.


lowloader towtruck

If you're like me you've probably spent many a night crying yourself to sleep pleading for the love of God, can someone please build a working RC from the movie Cars 2?! I mean, cripes his name is RC so he should be remote controlled and made of lime green and blue technic parts for lightweight maneuverability and high speed handling! Well, it seems Nathan Proudlove has answered our cries in the night and puts us all to bed, warm and comfy as a fitting end to this special birthday challenge.

RC from Toy Story

 What a great round up! Thanks for making LUGNuts THE cornerstone for LEGO automotive building and the standard of success for other groups to follow. I mean, go ahead...have a look around. You'll find nary a group who has done as many challenges with such consistent success as we have. Kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn't it? Well stick around for this month's challenge called "On The Job"...all about hard working commercial vehicles like mail delivery trucks, taxicabs, cement mixers, snowplows...and when your neighbors become particularly unruly, you've got your SWAT Assault Mobile Command Vehicles to take them down with. Its all in a day's work when you're On The Job. The SWAT team is closing in now but they'll never catch me. You punks feeling lucky? Well, are ya?!

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