Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Alternate Fuels Round Up

You asked for it. You even begged and pleaded. You entered my dreams and nightmares and demanded an Alternate Fuels challenge so I gave you what you wanted. And after all that the end result turned out to be one of the slowest challenges in LUGNuts history. This leaves us wondering if you folks really know what you want. But the few of us who submitted something for the challenge showed some moxie so let's review what they have done. This should be a quick and easy write up. lets get to it.

After a botched up job of removing my appendix and giving me lip implants I didn't really want, it turns out DoktorZapp wasn't even a real Doctor. And to think I was so trusting of someone who called himself Doktor. But he did give us our first entry in the challenge so he's good for at least that, anyway. It's Kenny Power's Rocket Fueled Lincoln Continental. Its about as high octane as my new Angelina Jolie lips.

  Kenny Powers' Rocket Powered Lincoln Continental 031

 Someone with a real doctorate degree but somehow incapable of making my new lips look less like a puckered fish is Ralph Savelsberg. There is nothing more alternate fuel-ish than his peddle powered bicycle. I'd say it the original alternate fuel and most dependable...unless you're me huffing it up a steep hill. Then I'd just assume ditch the bike and hitchhike with a stranger. Preferably one who claims to have candy.

 Cyclist (1)

If there is just one thing I know, its that there are no gas stations on the moon. Legogil knows this too...which is why his sleek lunar vehicle has fuel cells...and apparently a snowplow for all your moon roving  snowplowing needs. Neat!
  Vehicle lunar base

 Legogil chimes in again with this rickshaw. I always thought the rickshaw was a strange concept. Imagine, for a moment, riding in one. Here you have a man as a source of fuel...a source equally capable of getting around in both strength and speed as you are, yet here you sit lazily below its canopy while some poor soul schlepps your wide load around. I mean he's not a horse or even a bicycle...its just some guy you pay to take you here and there. Its a class thing, I guess.

  green Transportation

Dfuzz78 does what he does best...build realistic models of garbage trucks. Seems thats all he does. Well, some people can surf, others are guitar virtuosos...fuzz was born to build awesome garbage trucks. These are what the local refuse trucks looked like before they went with the Power Miner colors of lime green and orange. I'd love for you to build one, Mr. Fuzz. I know you've seen 'em.

LEGO Waste Management McNeilus / Peterbilt CNG Front Loader

Here Jason Son is going green...literally and figuratively with this natural gas powered CNG Mustang. This proves that going green doesn’t mean giving up wheel-spin-inducing, tire-shredding performance. This gives up hope that we can still burn rubber at breakneck speeds while protecting all the pretty trees. Or something.

  Ford Mustang cng (2005)

 When peddle power lets you down, 4estFeller has concocted the battery powered sci-fi tricycle. Its sci-fi cuz it has hub-less wheels and the flag staff appears to be a lightsaber...or maybe a neon tube. And I'm pretty sure Darth Vader would ride this...but not the 7ft2 evil black leather clad Darth Vader but rather the five year old one dimensional actor Darth Vader with the wooden way of speaking and the overblown sense of self. What's that kid doing nowadays, anyway?

  Sci-fi Tricycle

 Someone else with sci-fi on the brain is Lino Martins with my Soylent Green planetary rover/racer thingy. It has crazy four wheel steering and suspension and is named for its fuel source, which I don't know much about but they tell me is cheap, renewable, clean and plentiful. And its also a delicious and nutritious food. It sounds downright Earthy-Crunchy to me and with today's gas prices, I'm all for it! I'm sure there's no need to research the matter further. Nope, no reason for concern at all.

  Soylent Green

Finally Raphy chimes in late in the challenge with his diesel powered custom rat rod style Volvo 240 Wagon. Funny thing, my ignorance showed through by allowing diesel power into the challenge. Its a rare fuel form here in the states but is pretty much the standard in Europe. All a result, this entry is perfectly acceptable but plenty have groaned about it. You're welcome, world.


 Anywho, that wraps up our round up for this month. Yeah I know...short and easy. Now I have plenty of time for paying bills, watching Survivor, eating a sandwich and surfing the net...all of which I'm doing while wearing a wrestling mask. I bet you didn't know that. Anyway, LUGNuts is Four Years Old this month and the birthday challenges are always a hoot. You have the opportunity to build any challenge from the previous year and its already turning out to be a pretty stellar month. Stay tuned later to see how it all turns out. Now time to research that whole Soylent Green thing...I don't know what all the hubbub is about... Oh Cripes! Oh God NOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOO......


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