Tuesday, November 2, 2010

LUGNuts Turns Three Roundup

Well, we're finally old enough to use the potty all by ourselves most of the time, which is great! Do you know how expensive it is to keep an entire car club in diapers? Ok, that joke was old when I used it as the challenge header and it sort of loses its hutzpah the second time around. Anyway, unless you've been living under a rock (you know who you are) you'd know that on the birthday months we always do a year in review...sort of a free for all chance to build for your favorite old challenges from the previous year and beyond. lets get this party started, shall we?

Dohoon Kim celebrates our big third birthday with...something small. This tiny Mustang GT500 can fit in the 25th build challenge, I Wannabe Like You...in thois case Raphy, or it can fit in with the 21st Challenge, Millennium Marvels and our 28th, The Animal Kingdom. Clever!

2007 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500

Later Dohoon weighs in heavier with this 1969 Dodge Coronet Superbee and shows the Animal Kingdom some love while doing it. I'm just digging this shape and color scheme. And that odd stripe along the rear section of the car...just brilliant!

1969 Dodge Coronet Superbee

And just when you think its all over, Dohoon shows he's on a big winning streak with this quick Taxi very reminiscent of something The Lego Group would put out. Dohoon jokes that he wants to be just like TLG...but not really!


Next on the slab is a red Kenworth Wrecker denoting the old challenges All But Four and Haulin' Ass.


Followed in hot pursuit by these two little racer trikes for the All But Four Challenge. Zooooom!


I didn't know senior citizens can be such trouble makers, but this 61 year old black on black '49 Custom Mercury Coupe stays up all night and makes trouble with other hot rods denoting the Scuzzy side of The Scuzz and the Fuzz. It also falls into Kickin' It Oldschool, Modified Machines and Fear and Loathing as Melanophobia is the fear of the color black.

1949 Custom Mercury Coupe

Proving he's no slouch, Dohoon chimes in heavily with this larger scale '64 Mustang Convertable denoting The Animal Kingdom, I Wannabe Like You (Thats right, he's talking about you, Dylan!) and Fear and Loathing as Equinophobia is the fear of horses.

1964 Ford Mustang Convertible

You'd think Dohoon Kim wants to be just like our prolific madman Lego911 with all these entries, but he finishes us off with this sleek 60's era Lamborghini 350GT, built once again for the scuzzy side of The Scuzz and the Fuzz. Hmmmm, it would seem Dohoon sides with the bad guys in those police chase adventure movies. There's nothing wrong with that.

Lamborghini 350GT

Wow! What a start to this challenge! The only way we can follow that is with this massive two-toned '66 Galaxie built by our Brazilian friend Legogil. It denotes A Galaxie Of Possibilities, obviously as well as Fire And Ice for its two-tone fiery paint job and its icy cool interior.

Ford Galaxie 1966

Sangi13 shows the '66 Ford Galaxie some love with this...um...(what else would it be?)...'66 Ford Galaxie built for A Galaxie Of Possibilities. The title of that challenge was correct, even though we were forced to build only one car, I can never get tired of all the different colors, customizations and build styles.

1966 Ford Galaxie

Next on the Sangi13 to do list is this 2008 Shelby GT500. He tells us with this tiny build he wants to be just like Raphy and Dohoon Kim. Awww ain't that cute?!

2008 Shelby gt500

What's shakin' in the house of Sangi13, you may ask? Well, I'm glad we asked! Turns out its another tiny 2008 GT500 this time in red and black and built for the 21st challenge; Millennium Marvels.

2008 Shelby gt500 Special Edition

Sangi13 tells us that Mechanophobia is the fear of machines, which is why he built this...Ranchers Ford Excursion. Well, its as good a machine as any to be fearful of, I suppose. I'm sure it would hurt like a bastard if it were to run over my foot!

ranchers ford excursion

Speaking of hurting like a bastard...as in my typing fingers...Lego911 starts out early with this 1963 Jaguar E-Type Roadster denoting the challenge; God Save The Queen, then doesn't relent throughout the entire month. Sit down, get comfortable...brew some coffee or something. Its going to be a loooong ride!

Jaguar E-Type Roadster

Lego911 wants to be just like Jonathan Derksen, legohaulic, and lichblau with this sweet little 1928 Ford Model AA Farm Truck. Ahh, just look at the happy little Duplo pigs, sheep and cows! The broken old crate and the dark green cab is pretty sweet too.

Ford Model AA Farm Truck

Hot on the farm truck's tail is this sleek little Aston Martin DB9 Coupe built for God Save The Queen. I'll have my drink shaken, not stirred.

Aston Martin DB9

And you can't go wrong with this stunning 1958 Chevy Impala Convertible built for The Animal Kingdom and done up in a striking black and white.

Chevrolet Impala 1958 Convertible

The flashy 1980 Audi UR-Quattro Rally Car tears up the track for the Challenge called At The Races.

Audi Ur-Quattro Rally Car

Next Lego911 gives the Fuzz some love with this Holden Commodore SS Sportwagon Police Vehicle for The Scuzz and the Fuzz.

Holden VE Commodore SS Sports Wagon 2008 - Police

And Atom For Peace...you lucky dog, you! Lego911 wants to be just like you with this 2010 LF1 Racer. Very nice shape and colors on this one!

LF1 Racer 2010

Color Me Strange...Lego911 does just that with this rocking '71 Plymouth Hemi "Cuda in striking orange and black.

Plymouth Hemi Cuda - 1971 - Fantasia

Size Does Matter...as proven with this foursome of black and blue Bugatti Veyrons. Just look at them, each car is more detailed than the last!

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 - Group Shot

Once again denoting Color Me Strange is this lime green Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera. Phew, what a long name for a car!

Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera

And finally on the Lego911 slab is a stunning new 2011 Ford Mustang GT CS Convertible done up in black and rare light blue thereby once again satisfying the Color Me Strange build challenge palate.

Ford Mustang GT CS Convertible 2011

Speaking of satisfying the palate, that went down pretty smoothly. Tasting...and smelling a little more like rat is this entry by Tim Inman. Its called the Warcraft Troll Hot Rod and was built for the really old I Smell A Rat challenge. Ahhh, that brings back memories!

Warcraft Troll Hot Rod

"Colour Me Strange and tickle me pink" Tim Gould tells us with this neat little Holden Kingswood Wagon done up in brown and...is it sand red? Either way, there a lot of good techniques going on here.

Holden Kingswood

So the other Holden doesn't feel lonely, Tim whips up three more in odd colors to once again satisfy the Color Me Strange challenge. Ah the Holden...such a neat little Australian car!

Generic Holden

From the Holden to the Henway. What's a Henway? About 10 lbs. Heh! Heh! Get it? Anyway, a guy named oldeconoline takes a break from building Econolines to present us this 1919 Henway for the Kickin' It Oldschool challenge. A Henway, by the way, is not an obscure brand name or anything...just a super chopped and customized one of a kind truck. Pretty cool, huh?

1919 Hennway

Jonathan Derksen kills three birds with one stone...or rather one Blueberry Cheesecake with this chopped and lowered rat rod of the same delicious name. This wafer thin slice of cake is not fattening at all but he wants to be like Lino Martins (aww, thanks, buddy!), he's also Kickin' It Oldschool and Smelling A Rat. No, I'd say this smells like Blueberry Cheesecake. Mmmmmmm, tasty!

Rat Rod: Blueberry Cheesecake

Bill Ward uses some of that Brickpile of his to construct this iconic Glacier National Park tour bus complete with ten doors and an open roof. It fits right in with the Kickin' It Oldschool challenge.

Glacier Bus

And denoting Play That Funky Music Bill builds a Big Yellow Taxi in honor of that Joni Mitchell song that was going through his head. You know the one...that Big Yellow Taxi one. Come on, do I have to link it to youtube or something? You know the one!

Big Yellow Taxi

fe2cruz also shows Play That Funky Music some love with this little '68 GT for Heart's famous Baracuda song. Ahhh, they were so dreamy...A bunch of chicks that really knew how to rock! I don't care if they've since put on weight. I still swoon for them and their music. Does that make me girly? Probably does.

'68 Savage GT

Sprogis Peteris just gets better and better every time he builds something. My case in point, this neat yellow and black VW Beetle denoting The Animal Kingdom challenge. It looks like it packs quite a sting with its bumblebee stripes...which is fitting as this MOC is as sweet as honey!

VW Beetle

Jason son wants to be like somebody with this stunning Peterbilt 379. With its numerous chrome bits, striking colors and masterful model building that somebody can be none other than our own Dennis Bricksonwheels Glaasker. In fact we are told this is more of a collaboration as our resident truck builder offered lots of help, chrome parts and inspiration for this flawless rig. Great job all around!

Peterbilt 379

From modern rigs to something a little older, Jason son later presents this 1922 Ford TT for the Kickin' It Oldschool challenge. From the wooden tan barrel in the bed to the antique taillights to the spoked wheels, this little truck is chock full of old-timey goodness...just like a fine aged cheese.

Ford TT (1922)

Proving he's no slouch, Jason chimes in for a third time but this time with probably the weirdest Lambo I've ever seen, the six wheeled Lamborghini Murciecargo. It was built for "Go Team LUGNuts", sort of a nice free for all challenge to show support in our fine group. And why not? Its all good.

Lamborghini Murciecargo

Lighting strikes three times in one place with this 2003 Fiat Panda built by Ralph Savelsberg. The cute, cuddly panda obviously denotes The Animal Kingdom but as it was manufactured in 2003 it is also a Millennium Marvel. And as the real car was built in Poland, Ralph can say he wants to be just like Raphy. And who doesn't really?

Fiat Panda (1)

Lino Martins once again takes after the dark side with sultry bad girl Roxy, her disobedient pooch Cupadogra and their murdered out '87 El Camino with racing seats and blood red interior and truck bed. This suped-up ride denotes the scuzzy side of The Scuzz and the Fuzz.

A Girl, a dog, and their '87 El Camino

As for the Fuzz, three time buddy challenge champion Nathan Proudlove once again collaborates with Lino to present the law abiding side of the challenge, this time a supercharged '88 Camaro IROC-Z Police Interceptor driven by Constable Sharon and her faithful dog Max. Sharon and Roxy were BFF's in high school but nowadays the only time the friends get to reminisce anymore is when Constable Sharon has to arrest Roxy...usually for speeding, illegal street racing and driving recklessly.

RCMP Camaro

CJay weighs in heavily with a big industrial Izuzu Dump Truck thereby satisfying three challenges at once. The first being I Wannabe Like You, in this case everyonesgrudge1812 and Bricksonwheels. He also gives his support for Team LUGNuts and nothing is bigger in Japan than a dump truck like this one. Unless we're talking about Godzilla...then yeah, he's much bigger.

ISUZU Dump Truck

When it comes to working big industrial machines, CJay is the force to be reckoned with. This time a new forklift looks a lot like his photo icon and has all the power functions to make this one truly epic hard working loader. Built once again in support of Go Team LUGNuts.

Forklift 3.0

Chuachic shows his age with this 5-wide 1986 Ford RS200. Lets see, that makes him...1986 into 2010...carry the one, take into account for time of year and wind velocity...not quite old enough to rent a car in the United States. Too bad, as he says the '86 Ford RS200 is his absolute fave, he'd probably rent that one. Next year, buddy. Next year.

Ford RS200

Proving CJay isn't the only one doing all the dumping around here, Chuachic denotes All But Four with an 8-wide Merstudes 6x6 Heavy-Duty Tipper heavily based on the Scania 3 Series. Shows you how much I know about the subject. I had this pegged for the Scania 2 Series inspiration. Frankly I don't really know what I'm talking about. He could have told us it was a concept Mercedes truck and I would have believed him. Its well done though.

Merstudes 6x6 Heavy-Duty Tipper

Another vehicle I had no idea existed but glad it does is this Honda RA272 built by Biczzz. It's not often Ricardo graces us with his work, but when he does, the Lego world is a better place for it. I mean, this thing doesn't even look like Lego from the thumbnail. Driven by Richie Ginther, it was the first japanese car to win a Grand Prix at the 1965 Mexican Grand Prix. Big In Japan indeed!

Honda RA272

If its curvy, white and on a reflective gray background it must be a new creation by Rolic. This time the maestro of odd angles and rolling curves brings us the Mitsuoka Himiko thereby being something Big In Japan. Rolic tells us that he feels cursed for wanting to work in every detail. Yeah, Michelangelo felt the same way when he painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Its just the cross talented artists have to bear.

Mitsuoka Himiko

Just like spoiled milk, Raphy checks in a few days past the due date with this black and white '83 Toyota Corolla AE86, making this tiny turbo somehow Big In Japan. Or Little In Japan. Or something. Well, at least its fuel efficient. Being a Lego model it uses no fuel at all. Now that is just good for the environment right there!


Lastly, Raphy presents this skull-riddled gray '97 Mazda RX-7 for the...you guessed it...Show Your Age build challenge. Cripes, in '97 I was a junior in college and already five years older than the average student. Ah those were the days...all-nighters, beer benders and hanky-panky with random strangers. Not much has changed since but nowadays the random strangers are older and I'm telling more kids to get the hell off my lawn!


Oh that note, lets get the hell off this lawn and onto something a little more...food inspired. This month's challenge is called The Food We Eat and its all about food inspired vehicles. If you take into consideration food at its source, you can concoct an array of tractors, harvesters and other farming machinery. Once processed, big rig trucks transports your food to the supermarket. In the olden days specialty trucks brought milk and bread straight to your door...or you can build any custom car that has a food inspired name, like Pie Wagon or just make up your own custom and give it a delicious name...like Lemon Twist or Black And Tan. So be sure to make your reservations soon to see what we cook up in this month's delicious food inspired challenge! Bon appetit, everyone. Now get the hell off my lawn!


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