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Size Matters Round Up.

Welcome to the Size Matters round up. The title of this challenge makes about 90% of us feel just a little uneasy, while the other 10% smile knowingly for some reason. Beats me as to what thats about. So what happens when we give everyone free rein as to what vehicles they can build...but insist upon multiple scales? Building smaller or larger than your usual is not as easy as you'd think. Lets see how we all did, shall we?

Steve "kwycstix" Walker shows us right off the bat that size (big or small) is nothing to be feared with this massive flatbed hauler designed to haul off Steve's now wrecked Eleanor's Sister. No Eleanor's Sister is not some giant relative wrecked on booze...its a car. You see, there was this movie and Eleanor was this car...and now we have Eleanor's Sister and here are the big and little haulers built to haul it away. Somehow this makes Steve Eleanor's Sister's father...aww never mind! I'm confused already.

Flatbed hauler in 2 sizes

Jonathan proves he's no slouch when building multiple versions of an industrious Mobile Crane. The little' un has just as much detail and functionality as the bigg'un. Be sure to check out the video showing the power functions of the bigger crane.

Mobile Crane

Guess who else isn't a slouch? Peter Blackert shows us some size magic with this sleek set of Bugatti Veyrons. Peter does the unusual thing and actually upscales his normal with a stunning 1:15 scale (or Lino scale) model. Then he presents his familiar 1:20 scale, followed by a smaller 1:28 and if that ain't enough, he lays on a tiny 1:43 scale about the size of a Matchbox car.

Babushka Veyron 16.4

Not to be outdone by his own self, Lego911 also presents a more classic Bugatti, this time a Type 35B in lovely dark blue. He repeats the same four scale pattern with this set so we have the old and new Bugattis in four distinct scales. Neat!

Babushka Bugatti Type 35B

Toward the end of the challenge Lego911 still had some steam left so he whipped up this foursome of classic "Bowler Bentleys". While James Bond chased after secret spies and hot women in an Aston Martin in the movies, Peter tells us the Bowler Bentleys were the suave agent's vehicle of choice in the original Ian Fleming novels. And now you know!

Bentley 4 1/2 Litre "Blower Bentley"

Dylan Denton shows us the Ford Escort can be cool again with this fiery pair of 1978 Escort Mk2 Rally Racers complete with fog lamps and racing number. The bigger model contains detailed roll cage, fuel cell and even firefighting equipment inspired by yours truly. Word on the street is this might be some of Dylan's best work yet. What do you think?

Ford Escorts - Updated!

Well if you're undecided, Dylan brings back his classic Ford Bronco from the LUGNuts calendar and conjures up a smaller, cuter version of the same. The litte'un is just a tough as its bigger brother and just as iconic. Dylan says he bent the rules a little but as he is well aware, once you get at least one solid entry down, bending the rules becomes so much more forgivable. Plus its such a neat little Bronco and good to see the old classic again.

Ford Bronco

1967 Ford Bronco

July and some of August has been all about Iron Builder for Lino Martins. Holy crap, was it ever! I spent just about every waking moment in July building something or another in a desperate attempt to outdo my friend V&A Steamworks. Because I love LUGNuts so much, I figured out a way to build a legitimate Iron Builder entry (by using the requisite white curved arch secret ingredient) with this Mountain Pearl custom pickup. The littler version of itself satisfies this challenge. I hope to win, but as of writing this, judging is still pending. Wish me luck!

Mountain Pearl

Sangi13 submits this big and little pair of red dump trucks. They're surely dump...truck...ish. And red. Time for a snack. I'm having Brie cheese with honey. Brie is sort of a soft, melty cheese like no other kind of cheese I've seen. You all should give it a try. If you eat it on a cracker with your pinky out you can look and feel classy. That's important.

Lugnuts Dump truck

A guy named oldeconoline builds...what else? An old Econoline! He already had the littler version from before but this time presents us with a larger, more detailed version with a large racing engine in the back. Speaking of cheese, he tried to find a gray cheese wedge for the smaller engine so it more closely matched its larger counterpart but his daughter was hogging all the lego pieces for her Oregon State Fair LEGO competition. Awwww cute, I hope she wins!

Big-n-Little Econolines 1

Aaron F1...not to be confused with LUGNutter Aaron (colon parentheses smiley face) Dayman...whips up a pair of Audi S1 Rally cars for his first ever LUGNuts entry. I'm digging the red and yellow paint scheme and the logo up front is distinctly Audi.

Audi S1 Rally front

Dohoon Kim makes use of a whole slew of black pieces and some oldschool style with this pair of 1935 hot rodded pickups. Some cool techniques were used for the mirrors and check out that wicked tilt on the larger engine!

1935 Hot Rod Pick-ups

Proving he's not down for the count yet, Dohoon Kim comes up with a second entry pair, this time a couple of tractor trailer trucks. Hey, they remind me of the official LEGO creator set number 4955...only these are its smaller siblings. Am I right? They totally look similar.

Tractor Trucks

If anyone knows that size does indeed matter its The Big Rafalski. I mean he's got "big" right in his name! And Rafalski. That also implies big...somehow. Put them together and you've got The Big Rafalski. Probably "The Huge Rafalski" and "The Giant Rafalski" was already taken by other members of his family. Anyway, here's a neat pair of old Ford hot rods.

So what does the undisputed king of Tiny Turbos do when faced with a Size Matters challenge? Does he go bigger with a real life sized gargantuan Volvo like whatshisname built? No, Raphy goes even smaller! The 4-wide '87 Buick GNX looks like a monster next to its 3-wide, 2-wide, and 1-wide little siblings.

Detail (all four of 'em)

Next (actually first but I flipped it around for continuity purposes) Raphy builds us a tiny Dodge Challenger SRT10. 'Sup, dudes, Raphy tells us. He sounded kinda cocky about it. But where is its bigger counterpart, you may ask? The rules specifically states you must provide multiple scale entries so what gives? Yeah, I'd be cocky about it too...


Raphy recruited the help of none other than his bigger, Eastern-er brother Firas Abu-Jaber to provide the larger version of the same Dodge! No slouch when it comes to highly detailed muscle cars, this BMOC (Big Man On Campus) of the LUGNuts scene tells us this was one of the most difficult cars he's ever built. Firas and Raphy should be most proud for pulling off this epic pair!

Dodge Challenger SRT10 Concept

Not to be outdone in a challenge chock full of great team work, the odd couple Ricecracker and our own Mad Physicist pulls off another stunning team venture...this time a stunning pair of Scania R500 Wrecker trucks. Both trucks feature a working winch, boom and outriggers...Ralph's larger version is powered by Power Functions. They only went by photos and neither has seen each other's MOCs until their debut. It takes lots of communication, team work, and almost an eerie sixth sense to pull off a buddy pair this well. Good work, guys!

Scania R500 Wrecker

Scania R500 recovery truck (1)

Well, I can't think of a better way to end this great challenge. There wasn't much participation this time around but with what few entries we have there were a lot of great surprises...and some phenomenal buddy teamwork. Stay tuned to see how we all do with this month's newest challenge called The Scuzz And The Fuzz...all about law breaking and/or law biding vehicles...the criminal scuzz and the heroic fuzz sworn to chase them down. Thanks for reading! Let us know you've been here and we'll keep cranking out the round ups.

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