Monday, April 5, 2010

Lemons or LeMans Roundup

Wanna know what happens when we ask a bunch of LUGNuts to come up with either a disastrous lemon or a sleek fast LeMans racer? I wouldn't call the challenge a total lemon...I mean, there were a few entries, and they were good...its just not the raging success some other challenges have been. But lets check out the round up and see how we all did, shall we?

J0n4th4n D3rk53n is the first to launch out of the gate with this appropriately fast MGA customized for the LeMans races. I'm digging its asymmetrical design and the whole front end is pretty stellar. It has a great style that sets the pace for the rest of the challenge.

MGA LeMans

Later, Jonathan reaches for his trusty yellow bricks again but this time evens the score with this 1990 Geo Metro...the little car that just couldn't. Couldn't sell well, couldn't compete with other cars in its class, just couldn't do anything! The color yellow is synonymous with lemons and well, this car has lemon written all over it. its well executed though...and by executed, I mean we should line it up against a wall and shoot it. Poor Metro!

1990 Geo Metro

Dohoon Kim picks up the pace with this racy black and white Peugeot 908 LeMans racer. It has red rear view mirrors and a pretty cool spoiler. it just makes me want to pick up the little car and go vroom, vroooom, VROOOOOOOOOOOM!

lego Junkie takes us way back in time with this 1929 Bentley Supercharged that was driven by Dr. Dudley Benjafield and Giulio Ramponi in the 1930 lemans race. The car expired after 144 laps, leaving us to wonder if this vehicle has the unique distinction of being both a lemon and a LeMans racer. Neat!

1929 Bentley Supercharged.

Lichtblau treats us to a pair of AC Shelby Cobra LeMans racers, one in black, the other in white. Lichtblau tells us the white car is a reproduction of "Ollie The Dragon", a famous car that could spit up flames from its hood scoop. Also included is a very nice replica engine, jack and detailed toolbox.

AC Shelby Cobra 01

Shelby Cobra 427 S/C "Ollie the Dragon" 02

Sometimes it takes Ralph "Mad Physicist" Savelsberg a little while to find something he likes. Lemons just don't suit his practical sensibilities and heaven forbid he should ever build a show rod! But when he finds something he likes, it turns out great. Take, for example, this Le Mans Porsche 935. It has all the coolest sponsor stickers and lightning quick styling. Way to go, Ralph!

Le Mans Porsche 935 K3 (1)

Lino Martins takes a leap out of his comfort zones to build this ultra-modern Green GT LeMans concept racer. It doesn't look very green but it gets its name from the fact that it is all electric. With no noise and polution, its actually great for the environment. Its Swiss designers hope to have it racing by 2011, but Lino builds its replica long before that. Not bad for a guy who actually had his heart set on building a lemon. Oh well, maybe next time.

Green GT...Prototype LeMans Racer!

Lego911 doesn't disappoint with his lemon entries. First on the slab is the German built NSU Saloon RO80. It was supposed to be ahead of its time in terms of styling, packaging, aerodynamics, and engine. Instead, legend has it that drivers of these unfortunate cars greeted each other as they passed...the number of fingers that they waved indicated the number of replacement engines they needed.

Next Lego911 points an accusatory finger at his own self...or rather his friends at Aussie Ford responsible for designing the "saggy-arsed" '97 AU Falcon. Called "droopy tailed" and "tippy-toed" both at the same time, this doozie of a loser was responsible for sliding AU FORD sales from number 1 to number 3 in that same year. Yikes!

Speaking of losers, the Pontiac Aztek looks as if the rear designers didn't communicate at all with the front designers. This CUV (Cross-over Utility Vehicle) was supposed to be great for camping in the big fact, its boxy rear was made to be converted into a tent. But instead, the vehicle just looks like a gargoyle. It wasn't 100% responsible for the company's recent demise, but it certainly help matters. R.I.P, Pontiac...we'll miss you. Sort of.

Lastly, Lego911 switches up the pace a bit in favor of a LeMans racer...or rather, part of the team support for a LeMans racer. This is the famous Scuderia Ferrari Team Tractor 2009. Its somewhat modeled after the official Lego Vehicle Transporter set 6753, except two studs wider. Nice details make this support truck a welcome addition to this challenge.

Ferrari Semi-Trailer Tractor

Last, but not least, Raphy turns up at the last minute just before I was going to write him off as one of those kids missing on the milk carton. Feeling under the weather, the usually rambunctious Raphy squeaks in with a solo entry, the Kazufumi Ibusuki Le Mans Hybrid. Running on a mixture of runny mud, lemur crap, rainwater and also human-made non-toxic ingredients, this car races at a staggering 278 MPH! Its also an entirely made-up fabrication. That Raphy, what will he think up next?

Whatever he thinks up next, we'll just have to wait and see for this month's very special 30th build challenge. For the first time ever, we've broken up the group into two equal teams. Also for the first time ever, there will be great prizes for absolutely everyone on a winning fooling! Who will win it all, will it be Team Lino or Team Nathan? Only time will tell, but I'm ever so excited about this brilliant and very special new dual challenge called Go Team Lino! and Go Team Nathan!

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