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Millennium Marvels Round Up

Welcome to Millennium Marvels, the only challenge so far that honored cars manufactured exclusively within the 21st century. Yanno…21st Challenge, 21st century. Get it? Yeah, I didn’t think it was all that clever either. Lets just get to the round up and see how we did, shall we?

Usually we see Ralph “Mad Physicist” Savelsberg toward the middle or end of the challenge but this time he races in first with a couple of cars built for a larger secret project he’s working on. My personal spy satellites were programmed (for some reason) to only detect nudists sunning themselves on their rooftops so I have not been able to gather info as to what Ralph is building. Unless he starts doing it nude on his roof we’re just going to have to settle for these in the meantime…think Chevy Impala meets Ford Crown Vic.

US sedans (1)

Then later in the Challenge, Ralph teases us again with this trio also for his super secret project. One is inspired by the Ford F-150, the other is a Chevy Suburban and the third is the Ford Mustang. This project must be big!

US Cars (1)

Next J0n4th4n D3rk53n shows us his fully electric GV Moose van…the only car that’s either purple, blue or red depending on which picture you look at. I guess he was experimenting with the picnic edit photo section. No matter what color it is, its green because its fuel efficient.

Then later in the challenge he just had to do something sporty, so naturally he entered the Caparo T1. Neat shape!

Caparo T1

Finally he finishes himself off with the Honda Civic. Economic and fuel efficient, the Honda Civic is one of the most popular cars in his neighborhood…and everyone’s neighborhood probably. Its like the Walmart of cars.

Next nolnet chimes in with his shiny new little Abarth 500 SS. It has a very nice shape and a lot of very advanced build techniques. It also goes vroom, apparently. Sweet!

Abarth 1

Phillip Ryman amasses his trusty red bricks to construct a fleet of little modern marvels. First we have the 2003 Ram SRT-10.

Next comes the sporty 2004 Viper SRT-10.

Then we’ve got the 2000 Corvette C-5

And then the 2005 Mustang GT .

And later in the challenge Phillip chimes in with the new Lotus Evora.

Lotus Evora

Lets see, the photo quality of each is pretty good…each little MOC actually follows the rules of the challenge this time and well…darn, I have nothing to pick on…no jokes to crack at Phillip’s expense. For once I’m stumped. Good job, Phillip!

Rabidnovaracer checks in with the awesome Ariel Atom…the seemingly perfect car for this Millennium Marvels challenge. So perfect, in fact that Dylan Denton chimed in with his own version shortly after. Both guys assure us this was a coincidence and if you’ve followed the Lino/Nathan phenomenon I can attest that sometimes great minds just think alike. Normally I wouldn’t lump the two together in one write up but you have to appreciate both the similarities and differences of these two entries. Both emulate the complex shape of the vehicle very well. Great job, guys!

Ariel Atom

2004 Ariel Atom

As the Smart car was already predictably taken in this challenge, Dylan later chimes in with its direct competitor from Japan…the ironically named Toyota iQ. Leave it to the Japanese to dream up a little car that’s even more technologically advanced and fuel efficient than the Smart car…and leave it to Dylan to accurately reproduce its likeness in Lego!

No millennium marvels challenge would be complete without the aforementioned Smart car…which is why I’m glad scottblank obliged with this cute little micro entry. With increasing urban sprawl, difficulty in parking and fuel becoming expensive and scarce, it seems the little car that looks like it has already been crushed in a collision is the wave of the future! Um…yay, I guess.

Smart car!

Raphy builds his fave dream car…the car he was meant to build in a scale that…um…well, he was meant to build over and over again. It’s the Audi RS4 in blue! Raphy liked the challenge so much he promised to enter several more times.

And as sure as a pigeon will poop on your car just after you wash it, he makes good on his promise with this cute little 2007 Ford Mustang GT-500 Shelby Super Snake. Say that five times fast!

Minigarage - 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby Super Snake

Then comes the pudgy little custom European Ford Focus rally car. Nice shape!

Ford Focus rally car

Followed later by the equally pudgy 2007 Dodge Ram SRT-10 in yellow.

Next comes another pudgy 4-wide…um…no wait! Is this still Raphy? Yes, it is! It’s a miracle, Raphy constructs an 8-wide 2009 Ford F-150 Raptor! He says its awful and was rushed through it but I think this 8-wide configuration allows for so much more detail and with practice, I’m certain he can pull off some stunning vehicles in this scale. I think its time to graduate from the childish 4-wides and step up to doing this more often. This is the way to go, Raphy!

Don’t get me wrong, folks…I’m not dissing small scale vehicles. Check out, for example this pretty cool 5-wide custom Ford F-150 built by Petr Struchly. I’m digging the racing stripe and exhaust pipes. This build is chock full of tricky intricate SNOT techniques. Oh, this is unrelated but Petr is primarily an Origami paper folder. You have GOT to check out some of his Origami creations…they are mind boggling! I can see that some of the intricate attention to detail used in paper folding translated to Lego here…so in that regard, maybe it was related after all.

closer to f-150...

Until now, Lino Martins has never built a modern car. With an affinity for American classics, I’m quite used building cars with copious chrome and fins that go on for miles. That’s why this little 2005 Mini Cooper S needed a whole new mind set and a whole different set of build skills. As the Mini has a classic history, its no surprise I chose the modern remake for my entry. I haven’t the slightest clue what that typewriter looking thing is under the hood but modern car enthusiasts tell me I have accurately depicted the turbo charged Mini Cooper engine. Note the minifig space helmets for mirrors and the English side steering wheel. Bloody smashing, as the British would say!

2005 Mini Cooper S

Just as I was thinking…yanno, someone (but not me) should build the new 2010 Camaro for this challenge…my musings were answered. And BOY were they answered! Jason son weighs in heavily with the new Chevy racer in grey and red. This build speaks to my affinity for larger scale and detail. I’m digging the netting, which Jason said was his son’s idea and the silver against grey rims…are surprisingly nice looking on this model. Its something I never would have thought of. Be sure not to miss the engine and interior details. Great job Jason son…and um…Jason’s son!

Main camaro

Blood Red Dragon chimes in with his silky smooth entry, the Koenigsegg CCX. Yep, it’s a real car. Maybe you all knew that already but I had to look it up…and in doing so, I see that Dragon’s use of that weird black piece that I think can only be found in the new Star Wars AAT set was a very good choice for the windshield. Tiny Turbo builders rejoice…there’s a weird new piece that’s kinda useful!

Koenigsegg CCX

Ricecracker shows us what he’s made of. It turns out he’s made “Ford tough” with this 2009 Ford F-450 tow truck in patriotic American colors…or French colors…or British…depending on your point of view. Neat!

2009 Ford F-450 Tow Truck

He also has built the rugged 2009 Volvo VHD tractor trailer complete with an equally rugged looking mustachioed driver. The truck uses the R/C chassis, which makes it very cool!

And finally he tears up the road with the 2008 customized Land Rover Range Rover HST. Its shiny and sleek for all your luxury offloading needs!

Custom 2008 Land Rover Range Rover HST

Remember “At The Races” When lego911 went a little nuts with 40-someodd record breaking entries? We thought that challenge would never end! Then he disappeared for two challenges to recoup his supply of pieces…and probably his sanity. But now he graces us for this challenge and quietly sneaks in this very neat Ferrari 458 Italia 2010. It doesn’t come with a racing team, pit crew, family history or a legion of competitors…it just stands alone as one beautiful solo entry. Good to see you still have the magic, my man!

Ferrari 458 Italia 2010

Sharpspeed presents us with the Rogue Eco…not a real car, it turns out. But he made it boxy, green and white for that “21st Century feeling”…and if by 21st Century feeling he means something out of Mad Max or Death Race 2000 with retro suicide doors then…yeah sure most of the century hasn’t happened yet so this could be plausible. Its called the Eco because it’s Eco-nomical and I’d guess its green because its also Eco-friendly. Alrighty then!

Neither green nor eco-friendly…but still a millennium marvel comes this 2009 Ford F-350 built by Charger Hornet. He says he just couldn’t resist building this truck and with rear dualies and massive exhaust pipes, I can see why. The grille and front bumper looks very accurate. The Ford F-series has been particularly popular with this challenge…and the American market as even in an increasingly eco and space conscious world of Smart cars and Toyota iQs, this remains a top seller.

Ford F-350 Super Duty 2009

Sometimes you think you have a builder pegged. Sure, Firas Abu-Jaber loves supercars so maybe it was certain he was going to build one Ferrari or a Ford GT or another. Any of them would have looked great with his signature sleek style, but Firas managed to knock us sideways and squelch any accurate predictions we may have had. Sure, he went Lamborghini this time…and knowing Firas isn’t much of a surprise…but this time he has built not one car, not two…but an entire showroom full of sleek Lambos! The detailed showroom itself, even without the cars, is a site to behold with it’s red carpet and luxurious styling. We all know Firas is a good car builder, but this should put him on the map as a great Lego architect as well. In my opinion, this has been the perfect way to end this build challenge!

Lamborghini Showroom

With a good variety of entries and everyone sticking to the rules of the challenge, I think we did well on this one. Be sure to also show us what you can do in this month’s challenge called “Who’s Your Big Daddy?!” Where we honor legendary car builders such as George Barris, Carroll Shelby and the aptly named Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. Thanks for reading everyone! Be sure to let us know you’ve been here by leaving a comment. You know we appreciate it.

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