Thursday, February 26, 2009

Builder Profile, Apple Pie

Well folks, it's been a while since we did one of these. I asked Apple a while ago if I could feature him on the blog. The answers to my interview questions are pure, unadulterated, Apple-Pie style. Give a warm welcome to possibly the youngest member of the LUGNuts online Lego car club.

How might we know you online?

Apple Pie is my name everywhere :) (tasty stuff!)
And brickshelf too.

What is your real name?
Do I have to say? Fine! Mohammad Adib. Just call me apple pie.

How old are you?
Im 12.5. my birthday is one april 10th.

Where do you live?
Pleasant Hill North California

How long have you been building?
Well I was 2-y-o when I got my first set(1998 octan 4-wide set) and it was white and I was especially attracted to the steering wheel which moved. Then when I was 4 came my dark ages. They were soon over when I was 6. (darkages:)I received an awesome city airplane set. I loved it and played with that and several other sets, but I stopped when I turned 9. I came to America 4 months after and after about 7 more months, I bought the HUGE dino set(still have it) and bought several more. That’s how I started here in America.
But now I have a feeling there is one big darkage coming soon. As in NOW!

How long have you been building cars?
All my life. Yea!

Do you have a favourite style or scale of vehicle to build?
Yes. I like the 14-18 scale most appealing. 4-wide is OK but a bit…no actually way, too easy for me. And the style I like is hotrods and tuners. I can never make a stock car. I find them boring. So I love tuning my cars to customize how they look and until I get an awesome look, I don’t show anyone because of my fear of being hated

What other themes do you enjoy building? (mecha, space, trains etc.)
I guess technic, for I find extra-ordinary features appealing(however I don’t like using flex rods to shape my cars and I usually hide all the technical stuff with bricks)

If you had to choose a personal best MOC, (my own creation) what would it be? (provide link if possible)
Hmm. That’s a bit tough. Let’s see, I would choose my hotrod show car. I like my latest rod(rat) too though.

How long did it take to build?
Umm, well you should ask Dylan Denton. Why? Because he built it(jk)

You see, I had a little show on my mocpages account. I made episodes of how the rod was made to express the way I build and to show how I do it :) and I made sigfig Dylan Denton to be the show’s star. Heh…I showed every thing, the chassis, the shaping, all the processes a car goes through, even built technic machines to show(a engine lifter, a working car lifter or ‘jack and much more)
Heres the link:

How many pieces are in it?

Did you use instructions?
Never. Never in my life. Sometimes I get new sets and never build them I just take the parts.

Do you have any projects on the go?
Well. Not really, I'm planning on going on with the 18-wide rods for a while though.

How long does it take for you to build one of these cars?
It takes about a day to get the chassis and gearbox and technic doo-dads
It takes about 2-4 weeks to perfect the sculpting.
It takes about 1 hour to take, edit, and upload the pics

My process is that I make the fenders first(Idk why). Then comes the wheels, then the chassis. The gearbox and engine follow. Steering mechanism next, then I do a series of tests to see if the chassis is strong enough because I don’t change it when I start the body which I do next, I draw some hotrods and go with the best drawing(but mostly I imagine it and go along as I build). I do the VERY best I can.


Lino M said...

Most people go through their Dark Ages in their teens and twenties...Apple Pie gets it over with before kindergarten! A fascinating essay on a fascinating individual. You've said you may be going through another dark age...and whether you stick with Lego in the long run or not...I bid you the best of luck in anything you do. Rock on, buddy!


Raphy said...

Way to go, Apple Pie! I'm really sad you're going into a dark ages, because most of all it's not the legos that count it's the builder himself. If you go into another dark ages, then be sure to keep up with your friends! Besides, I was really, really hoping you'd come up with that Lamborghini.... I thought you were building it :(

Ah well, again congrats, youngest LUGnuts blog member :D w00t!

Dylan said...

Wow! You got blogged! What an honor Mr. Pie! Haha, I like the little paragrpah metioning the Hot Rod Show (classic!) Anyways, I'm sad to here you're entering a small dark age...Luckily I've never had one or most likely never will :D Congrats!