Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Colour Me Strange Roundup.

I think that it's safe to say the response to this challenge took Lino and I both by surprise. So many entries that I am starting the round up early just to keep up. The idea in this challenge was to build a Lego vehicle using less common colours. We wanted to see some variety and we got it. Check it out.

Ralph Savelsberg (Madphysicist) is first out of the gate with a new light grey and dark red coach built collaboratively with Ed Diment (Lego Monster)
Coach front quarter
Ralph also built a builder's van.
builders van
followed by a particularly stunning '60 Impala Coupe
and a 5-wide British Police van.
Police van (1)
Finally we have an Audi TT.

Tim Inman (rabidnovaracer) shows up in an orange Porsche 914.
Porsche 914

Duq from Ireland shows us his white hotrod.
White Hotrod side
and a "Classic Coupe," in tan.
Classic coupe front

And the crazy prolific Lego911 starts us off with an orange Renault.
Followed by a Chevrolet Nomad
then a '60's BMW CSL
and another BMW
then a Mini
and a pair of '57 Corvettes.
Next is a pair of Lambos. Miuras to be exact,

a pair of '50's racing Ferraris; a 166 MM Vignale Barchetta and a 212 Export Supperleggera Barchetta (Touring),
Ferrari 1950s Sports Racers
a Citroen DS
Citroen DS
a '49 Ford Woody Wagon,

and finally, a shrunken version of Lego's dark blue VW Beetle.

I think next month, I'll just pick my favourite to blog. Whew!

Matt Armstrong (Monsterbrick) surprises us all with his lime and purple constructicons.




John Royal (Charger Hornet) shows us a 1964 Chevelle.

Newcomer paramat has a go at the challenge with a custom brown microcar.
Brown 6 microcar (7)

William Ward presents a fig-scale Land Rover.
Land Rover - Top Front - Doors Open

Dylan Denton is another LUGNuts rookie and proves he's no slouch with a (nearly) studless white hot rod named, "White Hot," of all things.
Hot Rod "White Hot"

Gold_2's '64 convertible
64 convertible 1

.eti's wacky purple and red school bus.
The prize winning school bus!

shows his Passion with a '56 Chevy pickup. Check it out, remote controls driving and show-hopping action!
Lego Lino shows off his Passion

Peer Krueger (mahjqa) builds the General Lee from memory.

That's all the time I have this month folks. I am off to Brickcon tomorrow to see some of these fabulous LUGNuts cars in person. I'll do a particularly biased write-up of the 'con when I get back. For those of you with last-minute Colour-Me-Strange entries, I'm sorry I missed you.
October's challenge promises to be the best yet. It will also be the last time I blog every vehicle submitted. After that, I will be highlighting my favourites. I hope that does not dissuade any from participating, but blogging that many entries has become fairly time consuming.
See you all after the 'con.

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