Friday, August 1, 2008

Haulin' Ass round up.

Wow. All I can say is wow. We had a record turnout for the July LUGNuts challenge. The challenge was to build any vehicle that can haul a payload. Hence the name, "Haulin' Ass". There were seventeen entries from 13 builders in all scales. Everything from Tiny Turbos rigs to massive 20 wide model team creations. Enjoy the tour of the entries below.

Ralph Savalsberg "Mad Physicist"

Tim Gould "Gambort"


Ben "The Big Rafalski"

Lego Ford Inspired Hauln' Ass Truck

Jake "J4ke"

Pickup truck - title

Ricardo Prates "Biczz"

Tiny Turbos: Road Titan

Nathan Proudlove (That's me!)


Apple Pie


LUGNuts Build Challenge...George Barris' Li'l Redd Wrecker!

Iain Green "Legoian"

Hino FB


Falcon Rig

Tim Inman "Rabidnovaracer"

John Royal "Charger Hornet"

Matt Armstrong "Monsterbrick"


Be sure to check out this month's LUGNuts challenge, "Sympathy for the Underdog," all about the cars that maybe don't get as much love from the model builders.


Apple-Pie said...

i absolutely loved this challenge! Long live the NutLuggers. Lugnutters i mean!!!

Lino said...

This has been the most successful challenge to date...far exceeding my expectations. Impressve round up ya got there. Thanks for posting it.