Sunday, March 16, 2008

Heroes and Villians roundup.

So the most recent LUGNuts challenge is pretty much wrapped up. There may be a couple of late entries but here's what we have so far.

The first entry was by legojeff over on Flickr. His entry was this fabulous chariot of the Black Knight of Monty Python fame.
The Black Knight - LUGNuts Contest
Man I love that helmet!

Next up is the CCC. A cleaning concept car. In the words of the creator, "Representing day-to-day heroes, these two cleaners are fighting against dirt and feculence - along with their ride: The Cleaning Concept Car (CCC)."
Die Putzkolonne | The Cleaning Squad
Form and function! Way to go Helico

There was some discussion generated regarding the logistic complications of Daredevil actually driving a car at all, but if he did, I am sure it would look something like the Street Devil by Bartemus
LugNut contest entry
Hey, he can do more than most sighted folks, why shouldn't he have a cool car?

The next entry was my own interpretation of what X-Men ladies man Gambit might cruise in on his days off. Not a lot of people care much for the donk/box/bubble style but I thought it suited his personality well.
Check out more pics of the Ace.

Christophe from France, a.k.a bordolego entered this truly badass vehicle that would be most appropriate for Spawn.
Spawn-mobil 6 LUGNuts heroes/villains
Check out those spikes and chains. Wicked!

Graznador entered the fray with not one or two but three entries for this challenge.
Plastic Man had the honour of being the only entry that was both the hero and the vehicle.
Plastic Man: Chomp!
Gearhead was a minor Batman Villain that was able to take advantage of nanotechnology to commit crime.
Gearhead's Motorcycle: Front
Finally we see Batman controlling the to-scale RC Atomobile.
The Atom's Remote Controlled Atomobile
Great work Peter.

Alex Eylar a.k.a. JukeboxJaw submitted this entry for the challenge.
The Mad Hatter's Roadster
The Mad Hatter was a Parisian assassin. He took this sweet roadster from one of his victims.

Lugnuts member Jake, a.k.a. J4ke entered the superlowrider. Superman wants to drive sometimes right?
Super-lowrider - title
Loving the logo on the hood!

Our resident Mad Physicist, Ralph Savelsberg submitted this awesome real-life hero mobile, the Mack pumper truck.
mack_pumper (1)

Finally, fellow charter member of Lugnuts and Lego hot-rodder extraordinaire, Lino Martins dazzles with the Webslinger, your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman's chopper.
Webslinger...LUGNuts Heroes and Villains entry

That's it for now folks. Be sure to check out the LUGNuts group on Flickr. We're all about Lego cars, trucks and motorcyles of all scales and genres. Take a look at our photo pool for inspiration.
Be sure to check out upcoming challenges. Lino and I always have something cooking.

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